March 31, 2011

There’s a New Bad Boy in Town

Today's guest blog is by Karen Michelle Nutt, author of Time Travel and OtherWorldly Romance. Enjoy! And don't forget to check out her WEBSITE for more information about her and her books.

If you love paranormal romance, you want to fall in love with the hero despite his imperfections. They can have all sorts of flaws and weaknesses, but there must be a redeeming quality to make you care.

Fallen angels are identified as beings that have been exiled from Heaven for whatever wrong they’ve managed to do, but they’re still beautiful creatures with heavenly charms. They radiate power and beauty, but along with their lethal strength there’s vulnerability and the sense they need saving.

The paranormal genre has gone to the dark side when it comes to angels. They aren’t the cherub face beings with white feathers, you may have imagined. These angels have fallen from grace, but they still possess endearing qualities. They’re preternatural beings, but they are the closest beings resembling humans when it comes to imperfection. They possess the power of angels, but they are flawed in some way to land themselves earthbound. These creatures are misunderstood and darn right wicked at times, but this is what makes them perfect for a dark mysterious hero in paranormal romances.

For some reason the bad boy image with all his imperfections looks more attractive than a good boy persona who seems too perfect for words. A fallen angel falls right into the description of being dark and imperfect. Perfection is so boring. Perfection can take care of itself and doesn’t need saving. A fallen angel is exciting and dangerous because you can’t decide what they’ll do next. They could choose the path for light and good, but just as easily, they could go down the dark path of temptation.

Fallen Angels have an allure not easily dismissed. Move over vampires and werewolves, there’s a new bad boy in town.

In my fallen angels series, the Fallen are the Nephilim, the offspring of the angels who came down to earth to observe humans. These angels, who came down to earth, were known as the Watchers or the Grigori. They broke the rules and taught humans their secrets. They took human women for their own and children were born from this union. For these transgressions, they were banished from heaven.

The Nephilim do not want to offend God further and have continued to watch the humans and record history. They can shift at will into their angelic side with wings and all, but on the human realm, they must blend in and take on their human form.

In my first book, Eli: Warriors for the Light, Eli breaks the rules and not only reveals his true self to a woman, he’s fallen in love with her. Eli is to be sentenced for his crime, but he argues against the Elders of the Grigori that his love is true, that he’s found his soul mate. Since the Grigori believe they are soulless, they are intrigued by Eli’s claim. They decide to give Eli time to prove what he shares with the human is true love. But there are some of the Fallen Angels that fear Eli will succeed in his test of true love, and will stop at nothing to see that he fails.

Eli: Warriors for the Light (Fallen Angels series, Book 1) - available now

At a very young age the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori’s head, but he’s managed to break them.

Ol’ Hallow’s Eve is the day the veil between worlds are thin. It’s the only day out of the year the preternatural beings are allowed to walk among the humans as their true selves. With Eli’s wings bound and his glamour stripped, the Elders send him back in time before Ryden O’Sullivan knew the truth about him. If she is truly his soul mate, then her heart should recognize him.

There are those among the Watchers who are afraid Eli might succeed in his quest for love. If he does, everything will change within the brethren. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. Eli is a warrior and will fight to keep Ryden safe, but time may be his biggest enemy. The Elders gave him until the end of Ol’ Hallow’s Eve. Ryden must fall in love with him by then or his life will be forfeited.

Lucca: Warrior for the Light (Fallen Angels series, Book 2) - available May 1st.

Lucca Marlowe is half human, half angel, a Nephilim who abhors humans. Banished for crimes against one of his fellow brethren, the elders bind his glamour and wings, casting him to the human’s realm. He’ll either learn to respect his human side of existence or live out eternity trying.

Lucca does not live a mundane life. Angels and demons demand he do their bidding. His estrange father resurfaces after centuries of being absent and he’s brought a friend from Hell.

To make his life more complicated, he fears he found his soul mate in a human female. Only Juliet Romeo has a secret that will bring the wrath of Heaven down upon both their heads.

It’s a race against time to find out who will end up with his soul.

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Sarah, thank you so much for having here today and letting me share my paranormal tales with your readers.

Karen Michelle Nutt is the author of paranormal romances, writing for Tease Publishing LLC, The Wild Rose Press, Highland Press, Victory Tales Press and RJV Publishing.

Time Travels have been her passion. She's always been intrigued with the possibility of being able to reach back in time and change the past. Common sense says influencing the past isn’t impossible, but she can’t help but wonder: What if she can?

Fallen Angels, vampires and shape shifters embrace her darker side where their worlds intertwine with ours.
She shares her life with a wonderful man, three lovely children and house full of pets. In her spare time, she reviews for Paranormal Reviews, a great place to find paranormal books and other genres. Her new passion is the wonders of Photoshop. Her header for her website and blog were her first projects. She's since created book covers for Victory Tales Press and Western Trail Blazers.

If you'd like to know more about her books, please visit her at:


Sarah Grimm said...


Thanks for visiting with me today! The Fallen Angels Series sounds fantastic. Definitely going on my TBR list!


P.L. Parker said...

Good Morning Karen and Sarah - Great post and the series sounds wonderful. As a lover of time travel myself, the concept of the stories is very intriguing. Must add to my to read list.

Emma Lai said...

I think you're right about heroes, Karen; we all love the bad boys. Good luck with the series!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Good Morning!!
Thanks so much for having me here today!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hi Patsy,

There's something about time travel that has me intrigued, too. Thanks for stopping in today!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Hi Emma,

I love to read about bad boys, but I wouldn't want to date one in real life. lol

Cathy said...

Love Eli and can't wait for Lucca. Love the new bad boys in town.

Anonymous said...

Bad boys, fallen angels...anything to replace vampires. Tired of vps.

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hotcha12 said...


Karen Michelle Nutt said...


Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Eli!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


I still love the vamps, but I dont' mind having a new bad boy to love. lol

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


So you're a bad girl. lol Sounds like a fallen angel may be for you. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed the post. I've always found the concept of angels intriguing, but it looks like you've brought the angelic creatures to a new level with the Fallen Angels. I look forward to finding out more about them.

Kenna C.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...



Thanks for stopping in and saying hi! I hope you enjoy the series. :)