October 30, 2008


I did it, I bought a Kindle.

After reading too many blogs to count about the advantages of an eReader, and even more comparing the available readers, I broke down and bought a Kindle. Why? Well, the more eBooks I read, the more a pain it is to read them on my PDA. As for my laptop, I still love reading them on that, but it is nearing the end of its life and giving me fits. Since the battery will no longer charge, I have to keep the machine plugged in at all times, which kind of negates the point of having a laptop, doesn’t it? It also makes it harder for me to read eBooks because if I want to move to a different location while reading, I have to shut the machine down, move it, then boot back up. Yuck!

There’s also the fact that things are slow at work, so I have all the time I need to read there. This creates its own set of problems because I have to transfer the eBook to my flash drive then take it to work and upload it on my work computer. Then delete it off said work computer so that system isn’t bogged down with eBook after eBook…anyway, life is complicated enough so I threw in the towel and splurged.

Through the many blog comments as well as other eBook authors I’ve spoken to, I think I will enjoy the Kindle. I've done my research, read the pros and cons about this machine. I know some people hate it, and some people love it. For me, the idea that when I get a hankering for a certain author I no longer have to place my Amazon order then wait impatiently until the snail mail delivers the book thrills me. I’m impulsive, I admit it. I’m also extremely impatient. I love the fact that with the click of a computer button, I can have my book. Can you say instant gratification?

So now, I get to wait impatiently for the arrival of my new eReader. I love receiving new technology! I’ll let you know what I think of it.