October 10, 2012

Secrets of a Dangerous Woman by p.m. terrell

Today I have p.m. terrell with me, celebrating the release of her book, Secrets of a Dangerous Woman. Make sure to leave p.m. a comment as she will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to one random commentor during her tour!

What kind of readers would enjoy your books? 

My fans are about equally divided between male and female and range in age from high school to people in their 90’s. They are people who enjoy losing themselves in another world, learning something that really exists in our world (such as psychic spy programs run by the United States and Russia) and who enjoy fast-paced thrillers that feel like a roller coaster from start to finish.

Describe your style of writing in three words. 

Action, International, Romantic.

Describe your typical writing day. How do you balance your writing with marketing, editing, plotting, your day job, and all other commitments? 

My writing day varies depending on whether I am in my office or on the road promoting my books. When I’m in my office, my day typically begins before 8 am. I spend the morning answering emails and working on promotional and marketing efforts. By late morning, I’ve begun any research needed for my next chapter.

I take a break for lunch and when I return, I begin writing. I don’t stop until 5:00 at the earliest and usually much later. This schedule continues six days a week and often seven.

When I am on the road, I typically have three or four appearances scheduled in a day. In between, I try to get back to my hotel to work on my writing. If it isn’t logistically possible, I might sit in a parking lot or a library and catch up on emails from my iPhone.

I have been very fortunate to be a full-time writer for the past ten years so I no longer have to balance a day job with writing. The result has been the ability to write three books this year for publication over the next 18 months, where I previously worked hard to finish one book a year.

Do you have a ritual for getting into the writing zone? 

I can’t afford a ritual anymore; when deadlines loom it’s a great motivator for buckling down and writing. However, before I go to bed each night I think about the next day’s scenes, particularly if I am stumped on how to address a particular issue or scene. Then I let my subconscious take over. When I awaken in the morning, I remember my dreams—and I write what I dreamed.

What do you enjoy most about writing thrillers?

They are fast-paced. Every scene must have action; there’s no time for a character’s thoughts and I only weave in their backstory in a paragraph here and there so the action doesn’t slow down. Readers often tell me once they read that first sentence they can’t put the book down until they’ve reached the end. I think that’s a direct result of the genre I’ve chosen; it doesn’t meander.

Quick-Fire Questions: 

Early bird or night owl? Early bird.
Red or white wine? White.
Coke or Pepsi? Coke.
Bath or shower? Shower.
Mac or PC? PC.  

In Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, Dylan Maguire is back in his first assignment with the CIA: to interrogate recently captured Brenda Carnegie. But when she escapes again, it's obvious she's had help from within the CIA's own ranks. With Vicki Boyd's assistance, Brenda is back in Dylan's custody. And now he must find out why some in the highest levels of our government want her dead while others are willing to risk everything to help her. And when he discovers Brenda's real identity, his mission has just become very personal.


“Who are you running from?” Vicki asked.

Brenda took a deep breath. “I am in trouble. Big trouble.”

“What did you do?”

“Depends on who you ask.” She took a deep breath. “I’m tired, Vicki. Really tired. I need to get off the street. Stay inside for a day or two. Regroup.”

“I’m living in Lumberton now. The woman who owned the house where I’m staying passed away. Her nephew inherited it.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Yeah? Where’s he?”

“I live with him. Come home with me. It’s a big house, three stories.”

Brenda frowned as if she was deep in thought. “It’s just you and him there?”

“His name’s Dylan. I’ll tell you all about him on the way.”

She half nodded. “He won’t be taken aback by you bringing me home? I’m a bit more to handle than a stray cat.”

“He’d love to meet you. I promise. He’ll take care of you.”

“He will, will he?” Vicki blushed.

“He’s got a strong sense of family. Besides,” she said as she started to rise, “it’s suppertime and you need to eat. We’ll get something in your belly and you’ll get a good night’s sleep.”

Brenda hesitated only briefly before she rose from the table. “You sure you can handle the intrusion?”


As they made their way toward the door, Brenda whispered, “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”

p.m.terrell is the award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of more than 16 books, including Vicki's Key, a 2012 International Book Awards finalist, and River Passage, 2010 Best Fiction & Drama winner. She is the co-founder of The Book 'Em Foundation whose slogan is "Buy a Book and Stop a Crook" and the co-chair of Book 'Em North Carolina Writers Conference & Book Fair. For more information, visit www.pmterrell.com

Where to find p.m. terrell:

Twitter: @pmterrell
Facebook: Patricia M. Terrell


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting today.

p.m.terrell said...

Thank you for hosting me today! I'll be checking in throughout the day to answer any questions anyone might have for me.

Mary Preston said...

A great excerpt thank you. How do you decide which excerpts to hand out?


p.m.terrell said...

Thanks for dropping in, Mary! The excerpts have been challenging for me because they need to be kept relatively short. In this case, I selected three for this book tour: one where Dylan is interrogating Brenda; one in which Vicki unwittingly brings Brenda home, not knowing Dylan has been searching for her; and one in which Brenda tries to escape and Dylan stops her. I truly enjoyed putting Vicki, Brenda and Dylan together in this book. Each one's personality is so different and they played off each other really well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the excerpt! This tour is so exciting!


Rita Wray said...

Great excerpt,I enjoyed it.

Sarah Grimm said...

Love the excerpt, p.m. Glad to have been able to host you.

p.m.terrell said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and leaving a comment for me.

Chrysrawr, I'm glad you're enjoying this big tour. It's exciting for me, too!

Ingeborg, thanks for the compliment on the excerpt. Glad you liked it!

Sarah, thanks again so much for hosting me. It's been a lot of fun!