July 3, 2007

I've got mail!

I just went out to check for mail and what did I discover? Something that always brings joy to my day. A box labeled Amazon.com. Okay, so I knew the box was coming. In fact, yesterday I was wondering why it hadn’t arrived yet, but that doesn’t detract from the thrill of receiving a new shipment of books. Seriously, you’re readers, you must know what I mean?

What did I order?

UNDEAD AND UNEASY by MaryJanice Davidson (what can I say, I love Queen Betsy!)

YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY by HelenKay Dimon (I read an excerpt on her MySpace page and was hooked!)


WITSEC: Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program

Honestly, I’m not sure which book I’m most excited about receiving or which I will read first. I have been forcing myself to spend a bit of time each day, brainstorming a new story. About a week and a half ago I believed I had my story idea. Then, a few days ago a new story popped into my head. A story that I can’t seem to let go of. A story about a woman in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

So, I sit at my desk, with my three new books strewn alongside my laptop and I wonder…which to read, which to read…

I might have to resort to a game of Einy, Meiny, Miney, Mo.

Did you get anything fun in your mailbox today?


Toni Anderson said...

Nothing as exciting as a book :)