August 19, 2011

Summer Scorcher Blog Tour - Intimacy and Other Things Part VI

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Brodie and Savanna just did things a little…different. They saw each other, got married, then scrambled backwards through the 12 steps even though they were fighting it the entire time. That’s a romance for ya.

Ever wonder why there are no uber romantic dates in romance novels? It would seem logical, huh? The 12 steps in order and falling into perfect place. Bor-ring. No sexual tension. Not enough conflict. But even after the hero and heroine surrender and make love, their 12 steps may be complete, but their journey is far from over. Here’s an example.

Now we know that Savanna and Brodie have already shared a wedding night pre-first page. But they have to still make that getting-to-know-each-other journey as a couple. Their passions get the better of them, and they make love. But all is not perfect in paradise…

Savanna awoke to bright morning light filtering through the gauzy curtains. The sun’s rays started the day with a golden glow. Birds chirped outside the window, their song floating in on a light breeze.

She closed her eyes in the sheer bliss of it all and stretched, rolling over onto her side and encountering...


Last night—him, her, in this room, in this bed—came flooding back with sterling clarity, bringing with it the earth-shattering realization that she loved him. She loved her temporary, accidental husband!

This was bad. Really, really bad.

It was one thing to sleep with him—share unbridled passion—and know she had never felt so glorious in all of her life. But it was another altogether to fall in love with a man she could never have. 

Pulling the sheet from the bed and tucking it around her, she raised up onto her knees and poked Brodie in the chest—hard.

His green eyes blinked once, then twice. She poked him again—even harder this time—as a surge of morning after panic rocked her.

“This changes nothing,” she practically yelled at him. “Nothing, do you hear me!”

“Yeah.” He rubbed the red spots forming on his chest and captured her hand. Undoubtedly so she couldn’t jab him again. “I’m sure the whole house can hear you.”

“It changes nothing. Not one thing.” She lowered her voice, but maybe if she said the words enough times, she could convince herself to believe them. Perhaps she could even convince herself that she wasn’t in love with him.

Conflict doesn’t mean it can’t all work out—one way or another. Of course, you’ll have to read the book to find out. Feel free to head on over to The Wild Rose Press and order a copy, but if you’re feeling lucky, leave me a comment. Maybe your name will be chosen. Yep, that’s right. I’m giving away a .pdf copy of Brodie’s Bride to one lucky winner.

And if that doesn’t make all of your dreams come true, at the end of the tour, the Scorcher girls are giving away a $30 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader. It could be you, but only if you leave a comment! <3 Amie

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And thanks so much for listening to my ramblings. Good luck in the contest!

BRODIE'S BRIDE by Amie Louellen
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The Wild Rose Press


loves to dive said...

I can just see her poking him in the chest, giggles, sounds fun.
lvs2dv at gmail dot com

Amy said...

:) That scene was one of those that took off on its own while I stood helplessly by and watched. Glad you enjoyed it! :) Amie

msmjb65 said...

I'm so ready to read this book...I hope I will win it!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Ashley Applebee said...

I can totally see her poking him in the chest like that! But me thinks she doth protest too much about it not changing anything since she is in love with him lol...
I totally want to read this book!!
Ashley A

Amy said...

Last stop ladies! We'll know who the winner is soon enough. Uhum...tomorrow! :)
Good luck! Mwah, mwah for sticking through the entire post with me! :)