August 29, 2011

Summer Scorcher Blog Tour Week 5 - Lord Almighty, I Feel My Temperature Rising!

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Hot fire below!
*AJ grabs the nearest tablet of paper and fans her face*

Ahem…before we continue with any more “pretty” boys, I think it only right we pause a moment to pay homage to my favorite American hero…our nation’s firefighters. You see, I’ve got a soft spot (pun intended) for any man who would purposely risk his life in order to save a complete stranger – so much, I based my latest hero on a firefighter. This could easily be Grayson Greer from Flicker pictured above. He’s yummy, isn’t he?

HELLO! While it’s terribly cliché to say most firefighters are the he-men type that belong somewhere between the pages of a girlie-magazine, um…these guys really do. No, I mean really. These shirtless firefighters are just leaving a photo session for the 2011 South Florida Firefighters Calendar. Can’t you just imagine smoothing your palms over those muscles? Aloe Vera fights burns, you know.

Mmm, mmm, mmm…here’s the Dallas Fire Department, pictured just before they offered themselves for sale at the Hot Firefighters Auction. Check out Mr. Fourth from the Left…it’s enough to make you set fire to something, isn’t it? Too bad they don’t show up to battle the flames this way. Lucky dogs…

And here’s a firefighter from Little Axe, Oklahoma.
Drop that damn crank already and get over here! Water? We don’t need no stinkin water!

I now take you back to our regularly scheduled Man Candy Post. Click this link: I’m about to break some rules…but make sure to leave me a comment before you go, to enter the drawing for a free e-book copy of Jezebel’s Wish!

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Lynn Chantale said...

I have plenty of Aloe Vera. :-)

DarleneLF said...

Firemen! Hot, hot, hot!

Patti P said...

Oh to be a need of some hunky firemen!

AJ Nuest said...

Or, as in my favorite saying, "Hot fire below!" LOL! Thanks for stopping by everyone! Woot! Woot! This tour has been a absolute BLAST! Thanks for hosting me, Sarah!

Calisa Rhose said...

*Fans self repeatedly*
Ummm, Sarah? Did you happen to get a name for that Okie fireman? It's crucial. Really! You see, I live about a ten minute drive from Little Axe- and I'm burning up over here! I think I might even need mouth to mouth! Hurry! I NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June M. said...

I think I may be on fire. Those pics definitely got me warm *fans self*. Thank you so much for sharing.

msmjb65 said...

I love those fire fighters,too. I live a block away from the local fire house and they all go food shopping at the market I shop at and well, there's nothing as tasty as when these guys come in to do their shopping in their gear with the suspendery things down. These guys always wear t-shirts, but what is it about the suspenders being down that looks so damn sexy?? Does anyone know?
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

AJ Nuest said...

HAHAHAHA! Suspendery things...maybe it's because they lead the eye down to below the waist? And I'm sorry, but I've never met a fireman that wasn't cute. One time a whole crew showed up at my house when an octopus of electrical cords caught on fire. No damage, but I seriously considered lighting a match to the couch the moment they left.

Sarah Grimm said...

It looks so damn sexy because one look in his direction and your hormones are screaming 'He's taking his clothes off! Woot!' Or maybe that's just my hormones? lol

Nah, I know AJ's thinking the same thing.