November 12, 2012

Open Promo for Authors ~ November Releases

Welcome to Open Promo for Authors!  Once again I've decided to open the floor (or blog post as the case may be) and allow you, my fellow romance authors, a chance to tell me about your book. Do you have a current or upcoming release? Then I want to hear about it! After all, Christmas is right around the corner. And what's better than a stocking full of books?

I do have a few pesky rules though:

  • The book has to be a romance. I don't care what genre romance, but my readership is romance so we're going to give them what they love.
  •  You can post for yourself or you can post about a fabulous new book you can't wait to get your hands on and you think we should all run out and buy.
  • If you include a short excerpt in the post, please include a rating AT THE BEGINNING of the post. Let's be thoughtful of those readers who are uncomfortable with some heat levels.
  • Also, I reserve the right to delete a post if it promotes objectionable content. (incest, rape, etc.)
Simple enough, right? Post away!


Mackenzie Crowne said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Sarah. I need to fill my stocking too. ;-)

I'll be releasing my third romance, on 11-20.

The Billionaire's Con is a lighthearted sensual contemporary.

Meggy Calhoun has too much on her plate to explore the shocking revelations in her birth mother’s letter. The success of Boston’s hottest new restaurant rests squarely on her shoulders, and her fascination with her hunky new tenant promises to take up all of her free time.
Trevor Bryce Christos would do anything to protect the woman who raised him; including seducing a beautiful con artist disguised as a chef, and bent on cashing in on his family’s wealth.
Under the microscope of small town interest, Meggy’s and Trevor’s opposing agendas soon have the townsfolk choosing sides, and betting on who will be the first to surrender the field, and their heart.

You can find out more about The Billionaire's Con and my other books at

Sarah Grimm said...

Sounds wonderful. Mac! Definitely going on my TBR.

Liz Flaherty said...
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Liz Flaherty said...

Sorry for the deletion, Sarah. I had my January release up there! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for inviting us here today!

Studio Relations by Georgie Lee
Available 12.11.12 from Montlake Remance

Vivien Howard hasn’t forgiven Weston Holmes for almost derailing her career five years ago. Female directors in 1930s Hollywood are few and far between, and a man who coasts by on his good looks and family connections can’t possibly appreciate what it took for her to get to where she is. But when the studio head puts Weston in charge of overseeing Vivien’s ambitious Civil War film, she realizes she has a choice: make nice with her charismatic new boss or watch a replacement director destroy her dream.

Weston Holmes doesn’t know much about making movies, but he knows plenty about money. And thanks to the Depression, ticket sales are dangerously low. The studio can’t afford a flop—or bad press, which is exactly what threatens to unfold when an innocent encounter between Weston and Vivien is misconstrued by the gossip rags. The only solution? A marriage of convenience that will force the bickering duo into an unlikely alliance—and guide them to their own happy Hollywood ending.

Kathryn Knight said...

Thanks for the promo offer Sarah! I'll be sure to Tweet your site out lots today. Silver Lake is a love story and a ghost story...the following excerpt occurs when our heroine Rain has just seen the ghost of her missing friend for the first time at the lake house where she's been reunited with her high school flame, Jason. Suitable for anyone in terms of rating.


“I saw...a figure. A figure with dark hair, and I think it was Brandy.” She shuddered and put her forehead back on his chest.
Reluctantly, he moved their bodies apart a bit and scanned her face. He held on to her shoulders and asked calmly, “You saw Brandy? Brandy is here?”
She shook her head. “No, I saw… like… an image of Brandy. I woke up, because it was cold, and I saw something moving. It was Brandy, I’m sure of it, although I didn’t see her face clearly. And then she, um, disappeared.”
“An image of Brandy? Are you saying you saw a ghost, Rain?” He was pretty sure she’d had another nightmare, but the way she had flown out of her room gave him the impression it had been an extremely vivid one.
“I know, it sounds ridiculous. But that’s what I saw. And she sort of, well, went through the wall. I’m sure you don’t believe me,” she added miserably, lifting her stormy eyes to his.
He pulled her back into a hug before he could stop himself. “I absolutely believe you. Whether you were awake or asleep, you saw Brandy and that’s scary. I don’t think we can deny that weird things are happening here.”
Jason smoothed her hair and waited patiently for her trembling to subside. If a ghost really was lurking in her bedroom, there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot he could do about that. A rare sense of powerlessness caused his jaw to clench in frustration.
He stopped watching the door and instead focused on the gorgeous woman in his arms. She clung to him, and his body responded to hers with a familiar ache. He knew he was losing the battle to keep his feelings platonic.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Sarah!
Thanks so much for this opportunity. My current book was released October 19th and is a Second Chance at Romance story between a divorced couple. There is a little mystery thread throughout the book also, and it takes place at the beautiful seaside of Maine in a town I made up called Comfort.
For more information about TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT in print and e-book from the Wild Rose Press, go here:

Thank you, again, for this chance to get the word out about my book. Wishing you great success as well.

Donna Dalton said...

Hiya, Sara. Thanks for the invite to promo our newly released books.

I have a civil war set book that released at the end of Oct. It's available in both e-book and print formats.

I wanted a different hero other than the typical soldier/warrior, so I came up with a War Correpsondent. Jack is on his way to the federal prison in Maryland to write an article for his newspaper. He meets up with a red-headed Rebel who is on her way to the prison to try and free her imprisoned brother. Sparks fly between to two.

Here's a blurb. You can read more and an excerpt at my website

When war correspondent Jackson Porter lies to a Union patrol to save a red-headed rebel, he gets something he never expected...a wife. But with her knowledge of corruption at the federal prisons, Louisa is his best chance to deliver the topnotch article his newspaper editor expects. The one thing Jackson didn't count on was a burning desire for his pretend spouse.

Louisa Carleton needs a miracle…even if that miracle comes in the shape of an arrogant, highfalutin Yankee. With her brother’s imminent death in prison heavy on her mind, she has no option but to join forces with the enemy. Can she save her brother from a vindictive prison commander while still protecting her heart, or will Jackson stir dark memories she wants to forget?

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Sorry I'm so late joining the party, Sarah. Thanks for hosting an open "promotion" party. I'm sharing an excerpt from my new release MONA LISA'S ROOM. This is when the heroine first meets the hero. She's unwittingly foiled a terrorist bombing attempt and was taken in on suspicion...

She was unceremoniously hauled to Paris police headquarters, the Prefecture de Police, and interrogated for nearly three hours by various detective teams, each more stern-faced than the last. Visions of being locked away forever in a French dungeon flashed in front of her like a neon “No Exit” sign. She had zero rights in this country. No passport. No one to help her. If they were to grant her one phone call, whom would she call? The American Consulate. Surely they would help.
When the door to the interrogation room opened and two men walked in, the testosterone level rose by a factor of five. If one were to categorize the first man, middle-aged with graying temples and silver-framed glasses riding low on his nose, as good-looking, one would have to call the younger man striking. Or, as Gwen, her free-spirited sister, would say, “Oh my God, he’s make-my-panties-damp gorgeous.”
Although the young man wasn’t overly tall, he was excessively male. Sex appeal oozed from every pore on the man’s skin. Alyson’s body responded which surprised her.
She judged him to be around thirty, with the firm and muscled, yet slender build of many European men. He had an olive complexion and short, wavy black hair styled like that of a GQ cover model. His eyes were dark and angry. What’s his problem? I’m the one held here against my will, hungry and thirsty. And, dammit, I have to pee.
The older man sat while Mr. Macho Male prowled the room like a tightly-reigned panther. “Ms. Moore, I’m Field Supervisor Henri Moreau. I head the French task force on counterterrorism. The irritated man behind me is my second in command, Niko Reynard.”
The young man deigned to spare her a nod in greeting. Oh, she knew the type. She nodded once in return with a dose of her own attitude. After all, she hadn’t been a teacher all these years without perfecting a piercing glare. One of his eyebrows quirked in response. She raised her chin and held eye contact with him for a few seconds. Touch√©. Okay, so she was being bitchy, but after all she’d been through, frankly she didn’t care.

Sarah said...
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Sarah Grimm said...

So many great books! My Christmas list is growing by leaps and bounds!

Debra St. John said...

Wow! Lots of great reads. Thanks Sarah for the opportunity to find new reads and share our own.

My Thanksgiving novella is up at Amazon for Kindle.

An Unexpected Blessing

Single Mom Katy Roth thinks life can't get any worse. In the past six months she's been let go at work, had to move back home with her parents, and found out her ex is cutting his child support payment. As Thanksgiving approaches, she finds little to be thankful for in a life that is quickly spinning out of control.

Joe Mason is the town's bad boy. Literally. He's just returned from a four year stint in prison. He wants nothing more than to put the past behind him and get on with his life. He's had a secret crush on Katy since grade school, but when Katy's parents hire him to be their handyman, she's less than thrilled to have him around.

But soon, through her young son's eyes, Katy discovers the good in Joe. As their feelings for one another deepen, small town gossip and prejudice threaten to ruin everything. Will Joe's past come between them, or will they be able to get beyond it and hold onto a love neither expected?

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Sarah!

My Christmas Civil War romance release, The Christmas Ball, just came out this week!

Here's the blurb: While pretending to be a male soldier, farm girl Sara Brewster falls for a handsome Union army surgeon. Whenher secret is revealed, will a lavish Christmas Eve ball work
in her favor--or will her heart be broken?

Kirk Ellison is shocked to discover the assistant he thought of as a boy is a young woman disguised as a man. As his feelings for Sara grow, he must convince her she
can fit into his society life, if he's to make her his own.

It's available at The Wild Rose Press


and Barnes and Noble

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for this.
This novel, isn't one of my TWRP ones.
It is out on Amazon Kindle

Raw sexual emotion, revenge and redemption. If you want a sugar-coated romance, Savage Possession is not for you. In colonial Australia it took hard men like Martin Mulvaney to tame a harsh land.
A sweeping tale of love's triumph over tragedy and treachery in frontier Australia.

A mistaken identity opens the door for Martin Mulvaney to take his revenge on the granddaughter of his mortal enemy.

An old Scottish feud, a love that should never have happened, and a series of extraordinary coincidences traps two lovers in a family vendetta that threatens to destroy their love, if not their lives.



Vonnie said...

G rating

Sarah, thank you for the opportunity. My release on 9 November was not a TWRP one. It is a Regency novella from Musa Publishing called CAPTIVE.

A young, somewhat witless young woman attempts to capture a man for her older sister and mayhem ensues. Here is an excerpt:

“Oh, no, Emmaline! Please untie him. Let him go.”
Whatever would her sister do next? At seventeen, she was an eligible man’s worst nightmare. And this latest escapade—
“Don’t be such a bore, Lexie. ’Tis a great joke! For once, Papa will thank us. Especially when he finds out who it is we’ve trussed up.” Emmaline laughed her silvery, seductive laugh that drove men wild and irritated women.
“Thank us? He is more like to beat us. You cannot capture someone and bring him here and…and just tie him up!”
“Of course I can. I already have. I shall lock the two of you in here together and then raise an outcry. Papa and the servants will come running and—,” she waved her pretty hands in the air, “—the rest will take care of itself. Papa’s investment problem will be solved, and with a bit of luck, you might even be married by next week, sister.”
“Are you out of your mind?” rasped an angry voice from the darkest corner of the garret.
“Ah, you’re awake!” trilled Emmaline.
Alexandra Tallis gulped. She was doing her best not to look at the near-naked man half-hidden in the shadows. But her eyes refused to behave. Stripped to the waist he was a wondrous sight, all muscle and taut sinew. His arms tensed and strained as he struggled to escape.
“Get me out of here,” he snarled.
Alexandra blinked and looked more closely, but her eyesight was not the best. She lifted a candle from the wall sconce and took a step forward. And another.
“You’re bleeding!”
He swivelled his head to look in her direction. “Sense at last. Yes, I’m bleeding. I’d be obliged if you’d free me from these bl—these ridiculous bonds.” There was a clank and rattle as he tried to move.
Gracious! Emmaline hadn’t just tied the man up—she had chained him. Alexandra closed her eyes for a few seconds.
“Emmaline! How on earth did you manage—?”
“Davy did it for me. Well, he would fight, so Davy had to subdue him.”
“What did that witless boy do? Shoot the poor man?”
“Yes, actually. He did,” the man muttered.

Vonnie Hughes

Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

On With The Show
By: Linda Carroll-Bradd
Published By: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
ISBN # 9781612177465

Every Thanksgiving, Franzi Mueller returns to her hometown, Freedom Valley, to help with a musical show put on at the veteran's hospital. After a decade of living in Houston, Franzi starts feeling nostalgic for the sense of community of her small Texas town. Too bad Mama has decided to play matchmaker and keeps pushing together Franzi and her ex-high school beau, Dietz Reinhardt. Local hardware store owner Dietz can see that her big city clothing designer job has worn Franzi down and he's doing what he can to ease her load. Circumstances throw them together at every turn, and every glance and each touch ignites the old sparks. Can Franzi find what her creative spirit needs in Freedom Valley? Is time running out on this second chance for Dietz to win over her heart?
Learn more at my website: