March 15, 2013

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Rue Allyn: 

Birthday? All Saint’s Day ~ Go Figure?
Favorite color? Almost any Blue but mostly teals.
Favorite animal? Too many for a favorite.
Siblings? Yes (and the least said the better).
Favorite drink? Liquid.
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Raspberry all the way.
Favorite author? Too many for a favorite.
Favorite dish? Delft.
Ice cream flavor? Cherry Garcia.
Favorite Season? Spring/Summer (end of Spring/start of Summer)
Plotter or pantser? Yes.
Hobbies? Not that I know of.
Dream vacation? Beach, balmy breeze, books, hammock (sorry I don’t know a word for hammock that alliterates with ‘B’, umbrella drinks, personal cabanna boy—yes, I’d prefer he be good looking with an Aussie accent, and most important I don’t do a single chore.
Favorite TV show? See Favorite Animal.
Musical preference? Yes.
Pet peeve? Mis-communication.
Favorite place to write? My computer.
Favorite song? See Favorite Animal.
Odd family fact? My mother couldn’t have children.
Unforgettable moment? Again too many, but my first sight of the Grand Tetons will do for starters.
Favorite Superhero? My husband.
Spicy or not? Books yes, food not so much.
Cat or dog? Cat.
Favorite candy bar? Jelly bellies. (I know not a candy bar, but I’m not a big fan of bars.)
Favorite guilty pleasure? I’m not telling.


Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less: 

One Moment’s Pleasure: Everything for love. Nothing for lust


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Anonymous said...

Loved it, Rue. I tweeted.

Rue Allyn said...

Thanks Ella. You're so sweet to support me as you do. I truly appreciate it.

Rue Allyn said...

Sarah, thanks so very much for the interview. I really enjoyed answering the questions.