June 4, 2013

Characters Revealed: Justin Harrison

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I have to admit that Justin is one of my favorite heroes. Probably because he was my 'first'. Or perhaps because as I write, and my heroine slowly falls in love with the hero, so do I. Either way, my heroes always worm their way into my heart a little deeper than my heroines, and Justin has a special place there so I thought I would share him with you today.

Hopefully after meeting him you'll be intrigued enough to check out his story, and perhaps, fall a little in love with him, too.

What is Not Without Risk about?

Murder. Proving to myself and my colleagues that I was fit to return to active duty after a .38 punctured my lung. And how a sexy brunette, with the longest legs I’ve ever had the pleasure of having wrapped around my hips, changed everything.

What did you think the first time you saw the heroine, Paige?

That she was stunning—and that it had been far too long since I’d been with a woman.

What was your second thought?

She could be a killer.

Why did you become a cop?

I have no stomach for people who take advantage of others weaknesses or misfortune for their own gain. I can’t stand violence against others, especially women. And when bad things happen, someone needs to help restore order, solve the puzzle and uncover the identity of the bad guy. I’m very good with puzzles.

What do you like most about Paige?

Her courage and strength. Even injured and bleeding, facing the knowledge that someone wanted her dead—would stop at nothing to see it happen—Paige didn’t break.

If you could change one thing about her, what would it be?

Why would I want to change her?

What is your biggest fear?

That I won’t be able to protect Paige. I pushed myself, my body, too hard in order to get back to the job—the thing that defines who I am. Then I met Paige, and discovered something more important than being a cop. Injured, exhausted and facing one of the toughest cases of my career…I don’t know if I can do it, if I can solve it before the killer gets his hands on her. But I have to. I can’t lose the woman who’s shown me I have worth other than the job—the woman I’ve come to need as much as my next lung full of air.

He has a killer to find and doesn't need a leggy brunette clouding his investigation.

She wants to know who murdered her friend.

As Justin and Paige try to stay one step ahead of a madman love comes...Not Without Risk. 

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/134DlkP



Sandra Dailey said...

The picture caught my eye, but the interview cinched it...I'm definitely in love.
Good luck and great sales, Sarah!