September 5, 2011

Summer Scorcher Blog Tour Week 6 - The Perfect Hero

Welcome to part three of my blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour.
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Thank you, Sarah, for hosting me on your site!

In my last post we started breaking down our hero. We talked about his personality, his hair, his eyes, and his voice. Moving right along...Next up is our hero’s face. Sarah’s doesn’t have a preference to beard or clean shaven...guess she likes them any way they come (no pun intended!) AJ’s heart beats to a heavy five o’clock shadow, while Arial goes gaga for a bearded jaw line. Amie and Lisa prefer the clean shaven hero. However, if a hero walked in the room with a goatee, AJ, Arial, and Amie would all be smitten. Could these ladies share more than just the ‘A’ at the beginning of their name? Hmmm.

How about that chest? That chest you can’t wait to run your hands over! AJ, Amie, and Sarah’s hands are busy with our sculpted heroes, who have a little chest hair. Arial’s running her fingers through her hero’s hairy chest. But be certain if a hero walked in with a chest and back of gorilla hair, all four scorcher ladies would go running from the room. Then there’s Lisa, who is digging her fingernails into her hero’s bare chest. Bare head, clean shaven, bare chest...I see another naughty scorcher gal in the making here.

The scorcher ladies’ hands are moving over their hero’s arm now. Arial’s hero has his rock hard arms wrapped around her, gentle, warm, and protective, while Sarah’s hero is well muscled with strong forearms. AJ, Amie, and Lisa must love the woods because their heroes are thick and cut, like large tree trunks corded with muscles. A very strange, yet interesting metaphor.

Take a deep breath again ladies. We’re headed downward!

Time for the abs. Sarah not too fussy about abs, she’s just not into beer bellies. And no worries, Sarah, there are no beer bellies here, but we are talking six packs. AJ, Arial, Amie, and Lisa’s bad boy heroes all have cut, ribbed, rippling six pack abs. Those scorcher gals are thinking alike on this one. Naughty, naughty girls!

Is it time to go again? But AJ has her hand on her hero’s belt buckle!
If you want to read the next installment, go to Amie’s blog ( BUT before you go, answer my question below. AND don’t forget to comment on all of my six instalments of The Perfect Hero for a chance to win a PDF copy of Keeping Secrets. You MUST answer all six questions from each instalment to have your name included in the draw. The winner will then move on to the grand prize drawing of a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

Question 3: Do you like a beard or clean shaven? And describe your hero’s chest, arms, and abs.

It’s all about the secrets in...Keeping Secrets

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Krystal Larson said...

I always preferred clean shaven, but he has to have a little hair on his arms/legs or it doesn't seem manly enough ;) edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

Calisa Rhose said...

Mmm Clean body and sleek muscles on arms, chest and abs. I don't like the bumpy muscle type.

DarleneLF said...

Thanks for stopping by Krystal and Calisa!

AJ Nuest said...

Darlene, you are cracking me up! These posts are hilarious. Great job, sweetie! You already know what I like, but in case you forgot -- corded arms, sculpted chest, five-o'clock shadow...wait...where'd my dh go off to anyway?

msmjb65 said...

OK. I jumped a little ahead of my comments with my last post. But, I've got more. I go for either clean shaven or the heavy 5 o'clock shadow. However, the downside of that is the rash that happens when that scratchy face meets mt tender skin - whereever that skin might be. Hey, am I close to qualifying as a naughty scorcher-chic yet?
One more thing. Arms - so very important as they are attched to the manly hands that are strong but gentle. Well defined bicpers, tris, delts, forearms that go along with scultped pecs, but not big and barrel chested, little or no chest hair, but he must look hunky, but, like Krystal, no young looking men-children need apply!
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

DarleneLF said...

Thanks for staying with the posts, AJ and MJB. Happy to hear you are enjoying each part of our hero!