January 12, 2007

Life is NEVER boring

Something fun we did on a Triskelion loop the other night was list things we've done in life...

Think your life is boring? Let me tell you, life is never boring. Take a minute and think about everything you've done in life. It's fun! Here's what I've come up with so far...

  1. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
  2. Said “I love you” and meant it
  3. Gone skinny dipping
  4. Stayed up all night and watched the storm roll in over Lake Michigan
  5. Kept a friend for 23 years (and counting)
  6. Given birth to two sons (not at the same time)
  7. Seen a total eclipse
  8. Taken my kids to a drive-in movie
  9. Starred in a commercial
  10. Kissed on the first date
  11. Fallen in love at first sight
  12. Married my sexiest fantasy
  13. Wrote a book
  14. Sang off tune (all the time)
  15. Broken a bone
  16. Dyed my hair
  17. Survived 12 years with stage 4 endometriosis
  18. Downhill skied
  19. Discovered my first grey hair
  20. Spent the first year of my second son’s life in and out of the hospital with him
  21. Driven over 100 mph
  22. Donated 12” of my hair to Locks of Love
  23. Had my slip fall off walking out of a store
  24. Had my top fall off in Lake Michigan
  25. Cried as the Twin Towers fell
  26. Survived a tornado
  27. Learned to crochet
  28. Made love in a car
  29. Gotten the band of a country music star drunk after the show
  30. Stayed up all night with a rock band then went to work the next day – only to do it all over again the next night
  31. Published a book
  32. Took a chemistry test drunk (and passed)
  33. Been propositioned by a bartender too handsome for his own good
  34. Turned down the bartender and went home to my husband
  35. Visited Ground Zero (cried again)
  36. Been to a sex shop
  37. Took my drunk friend home after she asked a cop if I could ‘see his gun’ – Yes, me, she wanted him to let me see his gun
  38. Made an ass of myself in public
  39. Panned for gold
  40. Walked across the Mackinac Bridge
  41. Passed out red condoms as promos at RWA National conference 2006

So what have you done? Come on, you can tell me.


Sloane Taylor said...

Sarah, you've accomplished a great deal in a few short years. I'm amazed and impressed.

My top five would be;

Lived through two bouts of cancer, throat and uterine.

Traveled most of the world and am still going.

Survived a horribly abusive childhood and am a better person for it.

Raised a beautifull daughter who has forgiven me for all my motherly mistakes.

Wrote three books, one is published and the others will be released this summer.

Damn, life is good!

JT said...

Ha! I passed out your red condoms at a RWA convention you weren't even at! Hows that.

Sarah Grimm said...

Sloane- I didn't know you're a cancer survivor. You go girl! So's my best friend, the one I've been with for 23 years and counting.

Jen- You know I think you're fantastic. Now give me some dirt! What sort of things have you done?

Unknown said...

Fun post. Sorry I missed out. Let's see what have I done...

Met Mickey Mantle
Met Mickey Mouse


Had sex on the beach
Had sex in a closet of new house that *wasn't* mine

Wrote a book
Seen that book published
And did it all over again.:)

I've gotten an email from not one but two of my all time favorite singers. And one even visits my My Space page and leaves me comments.

Recently had the owner/editor of music magazine email me to tell me I have good taste in music.