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After Midnight - Black Phoenix #1

Re-edited, revised edition October 2013

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Dangerously Sexy Suspense

April 27, 2007

5 Rose Review

I'm excited to say that NOT WITHOUT RISK has received Five Red Roses from Red Roses for Authors Reviews.

Here is what the reviewer had to say: "Not Without Risk is hot and sexy and thoroughly exciting. Sarah Grimm has written a real page turner full of crime, romance and sexual tension. A great story not to be missed! I Award five red roses."

You can see the full review here.

April 23, 2007

Back and ready to write

Yesterday I attended my local RWA chapter’s annual retreat, officially titled Mid-Michigan Retreat from Harsh Reality. Like many authors I know, I attend conferences and retreats in order to interact and bond with authors like myself. I also attend to learn what I can from these others and this year, I was looking for a bit of inspiration.

I had a wonderful time. As always, my Mid-Michigan family kept me laughing. We talked, caught up, plotted out our next works and cheered on those who had exciting things happen to them over the last year. I received an absolutely beautiful plaque in honor of my first sale, with my book cover, title and release date.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

As for that inspiration? Well, I’m brainstorming the next book as we speak. Or, to be more specific, the next three books. Yup, I have three of them that I’m trying to work out on paper right now before I start writing. Having never attempted more than one book at a time, this should be interesting.

Wish me luck, I just might need it.

April 16, 2007

Now what?

Okay, the good news is—wait, let me rephrase—the great news is, I finished AFTER MIDNIGHT and turned it in to my editor. YEAH!

I’ll tell you this book was very hard for me. I don’t know why, but it gave me fits right from the start. Getting this story out of my head was a struggle, but worth it. I couldn’t be happier with the story.

So now what?

I have been playing catch up for a week now, sleep, housekeeping, bills, groceries, etc. Some things I have caught up on, others, I’m still working on. But everyday I ask myself, ‘now what’? What do I write next? Do I take a short break or do I dive right back into it? Do I work on another 80,000 word book or go for the 100,000 word single title? Do I even have an idea worth 100,000 words?

I’m not sure what the answer is. For now, I guess I’ll just keep promoting my first two books, while brainstorming the next book. Maybe I’ll drag out some notes I have scattered throughout the house. There has to be a great idea in there somewhere.

Or…I could read a good book and forget about my own for a while. I finally have the time.

Now there’s an idea.