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February 28, 2012

Spotlight On...Rachel Brimble

I'm pleased to welcome guest author Rachel Brimble to the keyboard today. Welcome Rachel. How did you get The Call?

The Wild Rose Press accepted my first book ‘Searching For Sophie’ for publication in January 2007. I had spent two years writing and re-writing this book when an online friend told me to bite the bullet and submit it to this new and upcoming US publisher.

That’s what I did and after one lot of rewrites with my fabulous editor, I received the email offering a contract. I was ecstatic!! There was a lot of screaming, shouting, laughing and crying before my husband and I broke into a happy dance around the kitchen, lol!

Name three authors living or dead you would want to have dinner with.

Margaret Mitchell, Jodi Picoult, and Nora Roberts.

Are you a traveler? 

Unfortunately, only armchair at the moment – but once the kids are grown maybe hubby and I will get to go to those long-haul places we can only dream about at the moment!

Once you get to be a jet-setter, what places do you most want to visit?

Italy, non-tourist parts of the US like Montana, Vermont, Texas…
Canada, and the Maldives.

Coffee, Tea, or Other?


What are you currently reading?

Apassionata by the fabulous Jilly Cooper & Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson – VERY different books but I purposely read from two different genres at any one time. I find it helps my own creative juices to flow!

What’s next on Your Reading List?

The Divide by Nicholas Evans.

What is your writing routine?

I write the most creative in the mornings but tend to write whenever I can throughout the day. I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mum so I am jumping on and off the laptop all day, working on my current book around the housework and kids going here, there and everywhere.

I can’t write anything after 7pm, if I do I ALWAYS end up deleting it the next day so tend to just relax and enjoy my evening.
I am lucky enough to have a garden office that is my haven and I use that as much as possible but just as easily write at the kitchen table, on the sofa, in bed in the morning…

Do you have a “writing soundtrack”?


Where do you get inspiration for your characters?

I tend to ‘hear’ my characters before I even know their stories – I hear the hero or heroine talking to me, telling me their problem. Every single one of my books has started this way and that’s why when people ask me where I get my ideas from, I can honestly say I don’t know!

LOL It's the same for me! What about plots?

See above – once I hear my protagonist’s problem, I have the basis of the plot. The problem is getting from A to B!

I tend to set my books in fictional towns in South West England because that is where I live and where I can write about most authentically. For my historicals, they are set in the famous Georgian city of Bath, which I am lucky enough to live just a short thirty-minute drive from. It is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world.

Having said that, my new historical novella (coming soon from The Wild Rose Press) is set in Bristol where I grew up. A place famous for its harbor and Maritime memorabilia.

Plotter or Pantser?

I am a mix of a Plotter and Pantser – I have the idea, I write a two or three page synopsis and then start writing. The first draft is my ‘dirty’ draft when I just write from beginning to end. The second draft is where the hard work begins…

What are you working on now?

I am currently 20,000 words into a new romantic suspense which I hope will be number two in a trilogy set in a fictional UK seaside town called Templeton Cove. The first one is currently being ‘shopped’ by my agent and I really hope to hear some good news soon!

Rachel is here promoting one of her latest contemporary releases, Getting It Right This Time available now from Lyrical Press. Here’s the blurb:

She's back, but this time she’s a mother…intent on protecting her young.

Two years after her husband’s death, Kate Marshall returns home seeking security and stability for her three-year-old daughter. But when her path crosses with ‘the one who got away’…her husband’s best friend, she has to fight the desire to be with him for the sake of further heartbreak for her and her daughter.

A tough, straight talking theatrical agent, Mark Johnston is dangerously handsome, exceedingly rich, irresistibly charming – and branded by the tabloids as one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors. So even though Mark lost the girl of his dreams to his best friend, he finds no hardship in being single. Or so he thought.

Determined not to lose her a second time, Mark has to find a way to convince her they can work. But can Kate cope with the media interest and ruthless, money-hungry clients surrounding him, being anywhere near her daughter? Or accept that Mark Johnston is really the family man he claims to be?


Rachel can be found here:

February 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 2/26

Thanks for stopping by Off the Keyboard. Today I bring you six from my contemporary romance, After Midnight.

His mouth curved into an irresistibly devastating grin, and everything female in her stood at attention. He strode the rest of the way to the bar, his every movement fluid and easy. Confident. Naturally sexy. His lean, rangy body was clad in snug jeans and a black tee. Jeans so worn and faded that only their seams gave hint to their original color. Jeans that rode low on his hips, cupping his sex as tightly as a hand.

Don't forget to visit www.sixsunday.com for a complete list of participating authors. But be warned...your to-be-read list will expand! I know mine always does.

February 24, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Calisa Rhose:

Birthday? December 28th (I was due on Christmas)
Favorite color? Dark Green
Favorite animal? Horses
Siblings? 1 older sister, 2 brothers. I have one brother younger than me.
Favorite drink? Vodka or coffee
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Something tropical
Favorite author? Do I have to pick? I can’t. I have many and all for different reasons.
Favorite dish? My Stufferoni.
Ice cream flavor? Black Walnut
Favorite Season? Spring
Plotter or Pantser? pantser
Hobbies? Reading, sewing, crafting
Dream vacation? Ireland
Favorite TV show? NCIS
Musical preference? country
Pet peeve? People who ask ‘Why?’ Uh- because I said so!
Favorite place to write? Somewhere I can listen to music.
Favorite song? Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
Odd family fact? My hubby and I are called grandparents to sil and his mistress’s baby.
Unforgettable moment? Most events in my life.
Favorite Superhero? I said Aquaman once and got laughed at, so… my hubby, Mitch.
Spicy or not? Spicy
Cat or dog? Both, but I prefer dogs
Favorite candy bar? Almond Joy
Favorite guilty pleasure? Shopping for nonsense at Dollar Tree.

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

A gypsy and a Vietnam vet. Is Sam’s attention just an escape from war memories? Can Poppy hold the interest of the only man she’s ever loved?


To learn more about Calisa Rhose and her books please visit her blog:

February 23, 2012

Delicious Anticipation

Today I would like to give a warm welcome to S.G. Rogers.

Which is better…having your cake or eating it? Yes, of course that initial bite of delectable dessert is fabulous, but would it be as good without experiencing it with your other senses first? In tales of romance, it’s the conga line to the buffet that has us mesmerized. Like breadcrumbs strewn by Hansel and Gretel, we pour over the written words searching for clues. Does he have feelings for her? Will she admit her attraction to him? A look, a gesture, or an off-hand remark resounds in our minds until we finally reach the “aha” moment where we think we know what’s going on…and we root for the conclusion. That’s the golden moment the author is hoping for, when, as a reader, you become invested in the outcome of the story.

When Clash of Wills was in the planning stage, I had only one scene in my mind…the very first time Price Wills and Princess Samantha see each other. Both are playing games, of course. This initial deception sets the stage for the relationship to come, but it’s getting there that’s the fun part. Fortunately, Clash of Wills is a novelette. Gratification in one sitting never tasted so good.

~ S.G. Rogers

When an unconventional princess meets a footloose prince, a battle of wits begins…

Princess Samantha’s magical compass will help her locate her long-lost brother, but only if she manages to escape her royal parents for a few weeks. When an unwelcome suitor comes to call, Samantha seizes her chance. She beguiles the prince into taking her north, intending to abandon him at her earliest opportunity.Unfortunately, his captivating good looks and charming manner present an unforeseen complication—especially when she is forced to accept help from the very man she has deceived.

To maintain his bachelorhood, handsome Prince Wills is not above deception. Although reluctantly entangled in Samantha’s scheme, he vows to protect her…until a lie threatens to destroy their alliance. Can his powerful attraction to Samantha overcome his mistrust? And can they survive a dangerous quest to the wild and magical Uncharted Region?


The spring squall became more intense, and the temperature on the mountain fell rapidly. Frequent thunderclaps frayed her nerves. She kept striking the flint, hoping a spark would catch hold, but gusts of wind foiled her efforts each time. “Burn!” she cried. “Just burn.”

At her command, the fire pit suddenly burst into robust flames, creating the heat that Wills so desperately needed. She dragged him closer to the warmth. Blessed relief flowed through her when he stopped shaking and his color began to improve. She brushed his hair back from his handsome face.

“You’re a good man, Prince Wills,” she murmured. “You’ll make a good king someday...if you survive this misadventure.”

While Wills slept, Samantha rebalanced their packs to more equally distribute the weight. Then she stood at the far end of the lookout to watch the storm. Icy rain blew into her face and soaked her tunic. She gritted her teeth against the cold.

“Are you insane?” Wills’s voice rose above the howling gale. When he felt Samantha’s fingers, he gasped. “You’re freezing!”

He draped her coat over her shoulders and all but yanked her toward the fire. “What did you think you were doing?” he scolded.

“You needed the coat more than I did.”

“That’s nonsense. You could die of exposure up here!”

Wills folded Samantha into the warmth of his arms. They clung together until the sensation returned to her fingertips. “Thank you, Wills,” she murmured, finally. “That feels much better.”

He brushed his lips against hers. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

She responded with a whisper of a kiss. “You’re welcome.”

CLASH OF WILLS coming February 29, 2012 (Leap Day!) from The Wild Rose Press.

February 21, 2012

Letting Characters Choose Their Path

Please help me welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author Becca Dale to the keyboard today.Welcome, Becca, take it away!

Hello everyone. Thanks for inviting me here today, Sarah. Since I don’t want this to be just a promo spot, so, let’s talk about the crazy world in my head. My characters are often adamant about what they want/need/believe, and I have to figure a way around their stubbornness and a fit their story into the outline in front of me. However, I have never had the hero refuse to have sex with the heroine.

The prequel to Sweet Restraint, Sweet Temptation, was easy to write, short and to the point while still carrying some intense passion and emotion. Consequently, it is in the Wilder catalog. When it came time to write Sweet Restraint, I expected more of the same. Unfortunately, the initial heroine gave in too soon and resented herself and the hero for it – sigh start over – new heroine, different setting and circumstances. Fortunately, the next two actually liked each other. Fantastic. Problem? Gavin not only liked Savannah, he respected her and refused to rush her.

Come on! How am I suppose to write erotic romance if the hero keeps being a good guy?

I discovered, after several starts and stops, that Gavin was as eager to get Savannah into bed as I was for him to get her there, but I had to find creative ways to work around his sense of honor and self-restraint. I could have written Sweet Restraint with less passion, but since my editor expected to keep it in the same heat level as Sweet Temptation that wasn’t possible. Next plan, push the issue and risk her locking up on him like the previous heroine had. Bad idea. Final option, let him express himself, however he saw fit and quit telling him what to do.

All right, Mr.-Gotta-Do-It-My-Way, what do you want to do? Keep it hot but don’t cross your personal boundaries or hers. When I stepped out of it a bit and quit trying to make my characters do what I wanted, the story flowed. I laid out what I needed to happen start/middle/end but left how they made the sexual portion of the journey up to them. I soon discovered that Gavin is a stubborn but very imaginative hero.

So did it work? Well, the heat level is up there and then some, so I think so, but I will leave the official verdict for readers to decide.

Savannah Jensen’s well-planned life offers everything a woman could want except a driving passion to override self-imposed rules. At twenty-nine, the clock isn’t screaming, but it has begun to tick loudly, so when a friend convinces her to attend a bridal blow-out sale, she’s not exactly excited about the reminder that she is alone, especially when a gorgeous man sweeps her into a sensual dance that threatens everything she has ever believed in.

Gavin Ferguson doesn’t believe love exists, but when he picks up the tuxedos for his sister’s wedding, fate, lust, and the family curse throw him a curve. Suddenly, he longs to convince the beautiful woman in ivory that she should be his—at least until he can sate the sexual fire she ignites. Yet, distrust born of disappointment and betrayal insists he protect his heart from the lie of perpetual happiness shining in her eyes.

Once Savannah and Gavin dance, raw desire, too hot to ignore, sweeps them toward insanity with nothing to cling to except sweet restraint.

Leave a comment on this blog for a chance to receive the first in the series, Sweet Temptation. Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you and preferred format.

Blog: http://beccadale.blogspot.com/?zx=e75a2e47d1148f92

Buy Links:
Sweet Restraint:  http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=865

Sweet Temptation:  http://www.wilderroses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=767

February 18, 2012

Cover Love!

A few weeks ago I told you about a few changes that where taking place in my writing life, specifically in regards to my debut novel, NOT WITHOUT RISK. (In case you missed it, you can find the post here)  I also promised to share with you my sexy new cover, as soon as I had it. What do you think?




February 17, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about AJ Nuest:

Birthday? January 16th
Favorite color? Red
Favorite animal? One that doesn’t poop.
Siblings? Two sisters (I’m the middle).
Favorite drink? Vodka
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Pavement. Because I would throw myself off a building. I hate jelly beans. 
Favorite author? ARGH! Jacqueline Carey
Favorite dish? David Gandy or possibly Marco Dapper. It’s a toss-up.
Ice cream flavor? Dairy Queen Turtle Ice Cream Cake
Favorite Season? Fall
Plotter or Pantser? Panster
Hobbies? Cuddling my kids and kissing my husband
Dream vacation? Paris, France or Hawaii
Favorite TV show? My mother told me TV rots the brain.
Musical preference? Alternative Rock and 80s. I love the 80s.
Pet peeve? BANG! Nothing good ever follows a bang.
Favorite place to write? Pacing the length of my living room.
Favorite song? The Winner Takes it All by ABBA (best song ever written)
Odd family fact? My mom and dad had three girls – all left handed.
Unforgettable moment? Yes, every day.
Favorite Superhero? Wolverine. RAWR!
Spicy or not? Food? No. Reading? YES!
Cat or Dog? Two dogs, one cat, a fish, some sea monkeys and a fancy rat. (note question three above).
Favorite candy bar? Double-dipped chocolate malted milk balls – heh, heh.
Favorite guilty pleasure? Big, gaudy rings

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:
I really hate you, Sarah. Sigh. Fine.

Jezzy can’t outrun the past…or the love in Matty’s sea-blue eyes. But he just doesn’t understand. Sometimes wishes are best left unspoken.


Was that as fun for you as it was for me? LOL
To learn more about AJ Nuest and her books please visit her blog: http://ajbooks.blogspot.com

February 16, 2012

After Midnight is up for LASR Best Book of 2011!

I am delighted to announce that AFTER MIDNIGHT
is up for LASR Best Book of 2011.

Last year After Midnight received a
BEST BOOK rating from
Long and Short Reviews,
earning it a place in the Best Book of 2011 polls.

The voting will run from February 16 through 29, ending at midnight Eastern time on February 29.

There are some wonderful books up for the award and I'd be honored if you would vote for me.

February 15, 2012

The Progeny by Ashlynne Laynne

by Ashlynne Laynne
(Book One of The Progeny Series)

Available TODAY:

At its core, The Progeny is simply a story about a man and woman who fall in love, and the fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors. It started as research about the Salem witch trials, some rough sketches of a special family heirloom that my guys would wear and two names—Ascher and Shauna. In the beginning, of the book, Ascher is grumpy. Frankly, who could blame him? He’s engaged to seal to Ursula—a cold and careless vampire who wants nothing more than to get her hands on a bloodstone— and he feels conflicted about his existence. All of that changes when he meets Shawnette McCutchin. She’s beautiful, intriguing and possesses some of the most potent blood that he’s ever smelled. A war immediately begins inside Ascher. He craves Shauna’s blood just as much as he craves her body and the closer they get, the harder it is for him to control his urges. After Ascher calls off the sealing to Ursula, the trouble begins. His family’s peaceful period ends when Ursula’s army attacks the Rousseaus. Kidnapping, some steamy love scenes between our hero and heroine and Wiccan rage complete the plot.


“No fate other than the one I choose.” The timeless creed, and tattoo, bore by the Rousseau’s— a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher - a half-bloodling— half- human, half vampire.

Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursula— a prearranged union to a woman he abhors — he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.

Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shauna— a beautiful, bi-racial human Wiccan — and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.


Ascher pulled Shauna behind him, his stance clearly a protective one. But why-? Surely, she didn’t need protection from her. His grip tightened around her arm, his knuckles straining with tension. Her mind finally registered his firm hold and sent messages to her heart and eyes.

She wiggled away from him. “Let go of me, Ash! What’s wrong with you? Who is she?”

“I’m fine and she’s nobody. Ursula was just leaving.” He spoke with little conviction.

“The hell I am…” the stranger mumbled, an unsavory smirk turning up the corners of her mouth. “Tell her, Ascher. Tell her who I really am!”

“Yeah, Ascher,” Shauna spoke in a mocking tone, her eyes becoming pieces of wet coal in narrow sockets. “Why don’t you tell me the truth…who is she?”

He froze, his youthful face chiseled with a mixture of shock, horror and anger. “There’s something you need to know.”

“Spit it out, Ascher. Tell her! Or I will!” Ursula growled, her hands flicking the shades away from her face.

Terror, worse than any horror movie Shauna had ever seen. More ghastly than any monster a mind could conjure.

Shauna clutched her chest, stepping away from both of them. “Her eyes!” she screamed. “Ascher…what’s wrong with her eyes?”

The stranger giggled and continued piercing her demonized stare into Shauna.

Ascher struggled to control his mounting anger. He clutched Shauna closer. “Do you trust me?”

The floor vibrated underneath their feet. Shauna’s eyes became cold, the glare of distrust swimming in them.

“No. I don’t! Why are you so nervous?”

“You left Katy alone. You should go back up with her. I’ll be up there in a little while. Okay?”

“No. I want to know who she is. Right now, Ascher! Who…is…she?”

“Please, Shauna,”— he huffed with impatience— “just do it.”

“For cryin’ out loud…” Ursula groaned.

“I warned you, Ursula,” he growled, every part of him aching to rip her to shreds. She had nerve. Were he not a gentleman, he’d finish her and be done with it.

“You don’t warn me. Looks like you’ve been keeping a lot from her. Afraid she might not want you if she knows the real you?”

His lips strained against clenched teeth, begging to curl up and release a menacing snarl. Control— He had to stay in control. Push the anger back down. Stem the raging desire to lash out at Ursula.

Her red eyes narrowed, the smirk taunting him, daring him to expose himself. He was strong in his gifts, but rage made her stronger. Her mind turned, fighting off the subliminals he hurled at her.

She cackled, “That won’t work, dearest. It’s time she knows everything.”

“Dearest?” Shauna questioned, her tiny fists balling.

Ascher reached for Shauna but she moved away from him.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Ursula, doing this won’t change things between us,” he uttered, knowing she’d never listen to reason.

“No! She deserves to know the truth, Ascher,” Ursula responded.

“Ursula, please—” He couldn’t believe he was begging her for anything.

Ignoring his pleading, she continued, “My name is Ursula. Ascher and I are to seal in two days.”

Shauna drew in a staggered breath. “Seal— as in marriage?”

Ascher sighed.

“Is this true?” Shauna demanded.

His head dropped in shame. “Yes, but…”

“So she is your fiancĂ©e? And let me guess, she’s the first.”

“Shauna, I can explain.”

Shauna clutched her head with both hands screaming, “No!” The window, behind her, cracked. She ran towards the door, fresh tears flooding her face. Ascher grabbed at her, missing. “No!” she shouted again. The ceiling rumbled, water raining down from the sprinklers. “Move!” she shouted, pointing towards the door. It flew open, nearly ripping off its hinges. Ascher appeared in front of her. She scowled then pushed him back. “Go away!” she yelled then watched as an unseen force moved him from her path. She turned, backing away from both of them, her eyes fixated on the two. Her finger twirled then pointed at each of them. “Stay!”

“I hope you’re happy now,” he growled at Ursula then sprinted after Shauna, catching her before she hit the stairs. He clutched her, turning her to him. Distress blanketed her face. “Shauna please, just let me explain.”

A strange burn started in her legs. What’s happening to me? She’d had rage issues all her life but never anything like this. Her normally clear eyesight was now blurry and grey. The hall—she’d seen for three months and knew like the back of her hand—became an unfamiliar maze, veiled by her fuzzy vision.

She took a step, stumbled then regained her balance against the wall.

“I told you how important honesty was to me and you’ve been keeping this from me the whole time. You told me she was nobody… that it was only physical curiosity. It doesn’t look that way to me. She talks like she owns you. You told me it was over between the two of you. How were you going to cover up getting married to someone else?”

“I wasn’t, just listen to me...”

She shook her head. “I’ve listened enough. I can’t trust you. Without trust, we have nothing. All you’ve done is feed me lies. You’re a liar! I despise liars! I can’t believe I was going to sleep with you—allow you to be my first.” She gripped her stomach and doubled over. “I’m going to be sick…”

He reached for her, again.

“Don’t touch me!” Every ounce of restraint left her body. Chaos now flooded her brain. She wanted to lash out. No, she needed to lash out.

“Shauna. Just let me take you home. I promise I’ll explain things to you.”

“What part of, ‘I don’t want to hear your lies’— don’t you understand?” she seethed through clenched teeth, her anger blazing directly into him. “Back…!” she barked, pushing her hands away from her body, towards him. He flew back against the wall. “I don’t want to hear it! Don’t touch me, Ascher,” she sobbed into her hands, “I hate you. I wish I’d never met you!”

“Shauna…?” he whispered, pain and disbelief creasing his face.

“Just leave me alone. I never want to see you again.”

“Shauna you don’t….”

“Oh yes I do— I mean it and I quit! I can’t work here anymore.”

She ran out the emergency exit, setting off the door alarm, sprinting—into the night.

Ashlynne Laynne has always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun loathing creatures of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music that is of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny. The vampire/witch pairing is unique and different when most books pair vampires with werewolves.

The infinite possibilities, for such a wickedly unique couple, intrigued her. There is no shortage of romance, steam and surprises in The Progeny. These books are for adults and contain adult sensuality and themes, but minimal profanity. She loves writing on the edge and teetering between the erotica and romance genres. She thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the damned version of Romeo and Juliet.

She’s currently working on book two of the series entitled Blood Bonds. In her spare time, Ashlynne enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family. Ashlynne juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write full time one day soon.

Ashlynne lives in North Carolina with her husband and teenage son.

Ashlynne appreciates and loves to hear from her readers.

Email: ashlynnelaynne@aol.com

February 14, 2012

Spotlight On...Dawn Luedecke

I hope you'll help me welcome Dawn Luedecke to the keyboard today. Welcome, Dawn, please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

My name is Dawn Luedecke. I am the mother of two and wife of a Coast Guard Company Commander (drill instructor). He is the perfect hero…an alpha male and my soul mate! I was born country and grew up in the wilds of Nevada, Idaho, and Montana -- where I lived until I joined the United States Coast Guard in 2001. Since then I have traveled to many places and had many adventures. I live near the ocean, but love to visit my family in Montana.

A few years ago, my husband convinced me to write my first book. I decided to stick to what I love, so I write historical/western romance and paranormal romance. My historical and westerns tend to represent a part of who I am -- forever torn between the ocean and the mountains. My paranormals (not yet published) are a representation of the literary artist inside me. As of now, I do not have a pen name. All my books are published under my real name.

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

I am very excited to announce my first full length western, To Tame a Montana Heart, will be released in the spring/summer of 2012 in both ebook and print through ‘The Wild Rose Press’. This is the first book in my Montana Girl series, which centers on a family of carefree and unconventional women, living life on the outskirts of society in the Wild West.

Which character is your favorite and why?

I love all of the women in my Montana Girl series because I fashioned them after my sisters. In To Tame a Montana Heart, I paid homage to my youngest sister, who is extremely accident prone, but completely sweet and charismatic. She is the perfect heroine in her own love story.

The women in my western are all independent, strong willed, and ready to take on the world. They are what women in the Wild West needed to be in order to survive.

Who would you cast to play your hero and heroine in a movie?

I think that Isla Fisher would play my heroine, Dusty, beautifully. She has such a passion for her work and you can see it in the way she throws herself into her roles. I love to watch Isla’s various movie characters and I believe she could bring something to my heroine that not all actress could. Her characters are usually cute and charismatic, and that’s the way I see Dusty in my mind.

For my hero, Travis, I would love to see Ghost Riders Matt Long. Matt is very sexy and has that hero air about him. Travis is elegant yet rugged and I believe that Matt could portray him flawlessly. What woman wouldn’t go gaga over Matt in a western?

Will there be any sequels or other books in the same series?

Absolutely! There will be five more books to follow in the Montana Girl series.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on the sequel titled Big Sky Brazen. The story takes off from the middle of Dusty’s story, where DeEttes’ horses are stolen. I am very pleased with the way this book is going and cannot wait to get it completed. DeEtte was such a fun and spunky character to write. She is five foot tall and fearless! A natural born leader of men…or so she thinks.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

Well, here are a few things: In High School, I was involved in the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA), but now I am learning to surf. I crave adventure and love romance. I served as a Gunners Mate in the Coast Guard. I am a fierce patriot and proud of my service, but I am especially proud of my husband and his service!

Where can we find you on the web?

I can be found in many places: my website (www.dawnluedecke.com), twitter (d_luedecke), Amazon author page, Facebook (www.facebook.com/dawnluedecke), and Goodreads. I try to be available to my readers and willing to chat and talk. I love to hear from anyone who wishes to leave a message!

Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?

I always like to hear what genre people like to read, and if they tend to like the hero or heroine better.

February 13, 2012


I just received a lovely review of AFTER MIDNIGHT from Harlie's Book Blog. Check it out:

I am so in love with Sarah Grimm and her writing. She paces the story extremely well not dwelling on the emotional thoughts of Isabeau and Noah for too long. She makes you feel the story, not just the emotions of her characters. I felt like I was watching their love story from a booth at the bar. I didn't want to ever interrupt and just let the characters do the showing and telling from their perspective. The secondary characters never intrude and are as endearing as Noah and Isabeau. In fact, I can't wait for Dom's story. *wink* While this story is listed as "hot" on the publisher website, I felt like their bedroom scenes were more sensual and more emotional than any other that I have read in awhile. Good job, Ms. Grimm...5 Harlie's and a highly recommended read

Thank you Marika!

Readers, if you'd like to read the complete review, check out Marika's blog at:


February 11, 2012

With Love Valentine's Blog Hop

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His shirt sleeve slipped down as she pressed the warm cloth to his skin. She shoved it back out of the way.

“Wait,” he said as it slipped a second time. He reached his arm over his head. Fisting his hand in his shirt, he pulled it off.

There was something so inherently male about the move that she didn’t look away. Then, once he stood before her wearing nothing but his jeans, she couldn’t look away. He was built. His body was sleek, smooth, and leanly muscled. Lightly tanned, with hard six-pack abs and a dark blonde line of hair that started below his navel and trailed down to disappear beneath the waistband of his jeans.

Not that she was looking.

Or drooling.

There was no doubt about it, he looked better than most men half his age.

“Is something wrong, Isa?”

Arousal clouded her mind. Her body thrummed with it. “What? No.”

But as she pressed the cloth against his skin, her hands shook.

She tried to keep her focus on the task at hand and off his chest, but it was right there. Suddenly she was hyperaware of the heat coming off him, of the scent of musk and man that swam through her senses.

“So what do you think?” he asked, his voice a whisper against her temple.

She thought she wanted to reach out and see if his skin was as soft as it looked, his body as hard. She swallowed. Her dry throat stuck together. “What do I think?”

“About the tattoo.”

“The tattoo?” Perfect. She sounded like an idiot. Heat flooded her cheeks. She could feel his eyes on her and knew he noticed. He had a habit of watching her in a way that made her toes curl, her stomach turn over. She’d caught him doing it on more than one occasion and knew if she tipped her head up, she’d catch him doing it now.

So she focused on his tattoo, and smiled.

Thomas had given him a small skeletal body, wings and a halo above the over-sized and even more animated skull. “It’s perfect.”

Trading the wet washcloth for a clean, dry one, she patted his arm dry, then applied a thin layer of ointment. “There you go.”

“Thank you.” Reaching up, he tucked a stray wisp of hair behind her ear.

Her breathing shallowed when his fingers grazed the side of her throat, caught as his other hand settled on her hip. Slowly her eyes raised, moved up his throat, past his dangerously tempting mouth, before she met his gaze and felt a punch of awareness.

“You have the most beautiful eyes,” he said, and shifted just a little closer.

Never had her eyes been called beautiful. Strange? Yes. Beautiful? Never.

“They change color depending on what you’re feeling, did you know that?”


“Right now they’re blue—a very pale blue. What does that mean, Isa? Tell me what you’re feeling right now.”

Desire. Need, unlike she’d ever felt before. She’d had no idea how much she’d craved a physical touch, his touch. Her stomach fluttered. Her heart skipped a few beats. She slicked her tongue over her lips, and his hand flexed against her hip.

“I have to know,” he murmured.


“Your taste.”

He slipped his hand from her hip to the small of her back, pulling her against him. Their bodies molded, soft to hard. His thigh slid between hers and desire curled her toes, tightened her nipples into hard, aching points. And still, he didn’t kiss her. Why didn’t he kiss her? Then he did. Finally, he did. He teased her lips with his tongue, and she opened to him, drank in his dark seductive flavor.

She settled her hand against his chest, reveling in the feel of hard muscle and hot male. Good God the man could kiss. His body surrounded her, engulfed her as his mouth continued to seduce. She arched into him, and as his erection pressed against her stomach, she couldn’t hold back a moan.

February 10, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Lilly Gayle:

Birthday? April
Favorite color? Earth tones
Favorite animal? Man. lol!
Siblings? 3
Favorite drink? Lemon water or wine
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Pina Colada
Favorite author? Don’t have one
Favorite dish? seafood
Ice cream flavor? Pralines and Cream
Favorite Season? summer
Plotter or Pantser? Plotter
Hobbies? Reading and writing
Dream vacation? Italy
Favorite TV show? Criminal Minds
Musical preference? Rock/Top 40
Pet peeve? hypocrisy
Favorite place to write? My office
Favorite song? Changes with my mood. Right now it’s Without you-David Guetta with Usher.
Odd family fact? My great grandparents on my father’s side were cousins.
Unforgettable moment? The birth of my daughters.
Favorite Superhero? My husband. He was my rock when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
Spicy or not? Everything in moderation. ;-)
Cat or Dog? Dog.
Favorite candy bar? Payday. I’m allergic to chocolate. :-(
Favorite guilty pleasure? Spending an entire Sunday on the couch watching Lifetime and/or Hallmark channel movies in my PJ’s.

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

Wholesale Husband- An American historical romance.
She needs his name. He needs her money. But can a rich New York socialite and a poor Irish immigrant find true love in the gilded age?


To learn more about Lilly Gayle and her writing check out her blog: 

February 7, 2012

Writing is Like Trying on Clothes

Today I would like to give a warm welcome to Jenna McClure.

In my either years of writing two books (hey, I’m a slow writer!), I’ve learned a few things along the way. One of the most important things is that I hate shopping. Huh? What do writing and shopping have in common, you ask? You’re probably thinking “no wonder you’ve only written two books, because you relate shopping and writing!”

For most people, true, the two are not related, but it came to me one evening lying in bed thinking of ideas for my next novel, that writing is like shopping for several reasons. Some of them may make sense, some may make you gag. Either way, this is how I see it…

  1. Size. Most of us know what size clothes we wear (except when designers go and change them on us), and it’s the same with writing. For example, what size book do I want to write? Some would say there is a direct correlation between the size of your jeans and the size of your book, meaning more writing = more sitting = more eating = more gaining weight = larger clothes, but that’s not what I’m referring to. Just like you have to try on clothes to see which size fits, you have to figure out what length of book you want to write. Do you want to write a full-length novel of over 100k words, or would you rather write shorter novellas of around 60k words? It all depends on what you have to say, and how long it takes you to say it.
  2. Color/Pattern. When you go shopping, you usually go for a specific item – shirt, pants, shoes, etc. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll at least know when you find it, right? For writing, we can translate colors and patterns into characters. We know what colors and patterns we like in clothes, and we know what and personality traits we like in our fictitious characters. We know what clothes look good on us and we know what character traits sell books, so we do our best to meet reader’s wants. This is not to say a purple paisley shirt directly relates to a gay male character, but you get the idea.
  3. Designer. If you’re like me, you think Target has its own line of clothes. The only difference between one shirt and the next is the price. They both have buttons, a collar and two arms. It’s all in the branding and marketing (I’m sure there’s a few bigger differences, but let’s keep it simple). We know what brands we like because they’ve served us well over the years, just like we know what works when marketing and promoting our books. We know that having a Facebook page is always a good idea, as is blogging, either on your own or as a guest, but there are a lot more options out there. It’s up to us as authors to figure out what brand we trust, and make it work for us.
  4. Store. Most of us probably go to a variety of stores to find that perfect outfit or little black dress for a specific occasion. Just like most authors have submitted their manuscripts to probably twenty or thirty different editors and publishing houses. But this is where the relationship between shopping and writing takes a little break. While most of us are happy shopping at several stores, we may only get a shot with one publisher, so we either take it or leave it. With as difficult as it is to get published, we don’t always have the luxury of picking our own publishers. Unless you’re that good.

As always, this is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not to be taken as gospel. But I hear Target is coming out with their own line of clothes…

Environmental consultant Emmalyn Ashmore is outraged when she discovers the last minute replacement for the guest speaker at her annual conference is none other than Adam McLean, a cattle rancher, whose lifestyle represents everything she stands against.

Adam McLean has never met a more contrary woman. From the moment Emma opens her mouth, he knows she’s exactly the type of woman he doesn’t need in his life – ever.

But Fate has other plans, and as the sparks fly, Emma realizes there’s more at stake than just conserving the environment. She has to figure out how to conserve her heart, before she loses it forever.

It’s never good to make assumptions about people you don’t know,” Adam replied, throwing her words back at her.

She jerked her eyes to him, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Right. Sorry.”

Idly, he wondered if she was always this nervous, or if it was just him. Selfishly he hoped he had the same effect on her as she did on him.

“I know you’re a cattle rancher and all,” she started, “but I couldn’t let you leave without talking to you about your speech.”

He didn’t care for her opening words, but he liked her voice, so he concentrated on that. Besides, if he missed anything important, he’d ask her to repeat it. Over dinner, he mused as he continued to stare at her mouth. It was still moving, which meant she was still talking and he was still not listening, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Or so he thought.

Her lips stopped moving, snapped shut, then opened slightly. A brief, shrill whistle pierced the air. He jerked his eyes back to hers, and found her staring at him in angry disbelief.

If she didn’t look so mad, he might have laughed.

“Mr. McLean, were you listening to a word I said?”

Adam scratched his chin. “Sure. You said something about me being a cattle rancher, which I already knew, and then something about your impressions. But you kind of lost me after that.”

She placed her hands on her hips. “I was trying to talk to you about how misleading your speech was.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah? I must have missed that part.”

“I think you missed all my parts.”

“Trust me, I didn’t,” he drawled.

February 6, 2012

And the Winners Are...

The winners of my My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop Giveaway are:

  • Ashley A
  • Nikki

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Thank you everyone who participated. I hope you had as much fun with this blog hop as I did! Let's do it again, real soon.

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February 4, 2012

My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop

Giveaway is closed.


The minute I heard about this blog hop I knew I had to be a part of it. After all, I have the perfect Book Boyfriend for you! He's the handsome, electrically sensual lead singer of Black Phoenix. A blond haired, green eyed Brit with a voice that could coax the panties off of grandma! Noah Clark may be famous, but the last thing he's interested in is living the wild life. He's ridden the fame roller coaster straight to the top of the charts and found nothing but heartache at the end. Now he only wants to get his band back together and his music back on track. He just didn't count on Isabeau Montgomery and her haunted eyes and enchanting melodies.

(*For the purposes of this blog post, Noah Clark is portrayed by Gabriel Aubry.)

His mouth curved into an irresistibly devastating grin, and everything female in her stood at attention. He strode the rest of the way to the bar, his every movement fluid and easy. Confident. Naturally sexy. His lean, rangy body was clad in snug jeans and a black tee. Jeans so worn and faded that only their seams gave hint to their original color. Jeans that rode low on his hips, cupping his sex as tightly as a hand.

He leaned into her. “If you still want me to stay away from you, you’d better tell me now.”



“Kiss me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He dipped his head, settled his lips on hers and plundered. He dragged her against him, and drank in the hot, potent taste of her as he fed on her mouth like a starving man.

She softened, a tiny sound of passion slipping up her throat—an urgent invitation. His pulse leaped. So did other parts of his anatomy. Her fingers burrowed through his hair.

He deepened the kiss, stroking his hands down the sides of her body to settle on her hips. He used them to guide her as he stepped forward once, twice, until her back settled against the trunk of the maple. Awash in the smell of her, the feel of her, he pressed closer, until no space existed between them. Her breasts flattened against his chest, her hips arched into him. Heat from her body flowed into his, sparking a fire. His heartbeat echoed in his head.

Whew! Is it hot in here?

For a chance to win a copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT and get better acquainted with sexy Noah Clark, just leave me a comment. Interested in bettering your odds to win? Go ahead and follow my blog -- I'll reward you with a second entry.

Thanks for reading, and have fun on the hop!

What better way to celebrate the month of LOVE then with your favorite book boyfriend? Whether you have a valentine or not, the swoon worthy heroes we find in romances can’t be matched anyway! So why not put on those naughty underwear and curl up with one of these steamy reads this year instead? Make your Valentine’s Day perfect by joining the My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop where fellow bloggers offer you the chance to win some of their favorite book boyfriends!

My Book Boyfriend Giveaway Hop Hosted is by Reading Between the Wines Book Club and As the Pages Turn Giveaway. The hop will run from 12:01 AM February 1st through to 11:59 PM February 5th, 2012.

Giveaway Details:
  • Open to US and International
  • Two eBook copies of AFTER MIDNIGHT will be awarded
  • MUST leave email address along with your comment

February 3, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Amie Louellen:

Birthday? September 20
Favorite color? purple
Favorite animal? Polar bears
Siblings? 2 birth sisters, 1 brother, 1 adopted sister.
Favorite drink? COFFEE
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Buttered popcorn
Favorite author? Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Favorite dish?  Home made tacos
Ice cream flavor? ALL except strawberry
Favorite Season?  Fall
Plotter or Pantser?  Plotter
Hobbies?  Huh? You mean besides writing?
Dream vacation?  Anywhere with a beach
Favorite TV show?  Sponge Bob
Musical preference? country
Pet peeve?  People telling me I need to read Twilight
Favorite place to write?  My “office” aka the dining room
Favorite song?  Hand in my Pocket by Alanis Morrisette
Odd family fact?  My dad has a recliner in his deer stand—now, THAT’S redneck! LOL
Unforgettable moment?  Touching my son’s face for the first time
Favorite Superhero?  Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Spicy or not?  Spicy
Cat or Dog?  both
Favorite candy bar?  Reeses peanut butter cups
Favorite guilty pleasure?  Warm brownie and ice cream

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:
The classic tale of boy meets girl, drinks shampoo, and falls in love. Too bad he can’t remember her name the next day.

The Wild Rose Press

To learn more about Amie Louellen and her books please visit her blog: http://amywritesromance.wordpress.com/