February 13, 2012


I just received a lovely review of AFTER MIDNIGHT from Harlie's Book Blog. Check it out:

I am so in love with Sarah Grimm and her writing. She paces the story extremely well not dwelling on the emotional thoughts of Isabeau and Noah for too long. She makes you feel the story, not just the emotions of her characters. I felt like I was watching their love story from a booth at the bar. I didn't want to ever interrupt and just let the characters do the showing and telling from their perspective. The secondary characters never intrude and are as endearing as Noah and Isabeau. In fact, I can't wait for Dom's story. *wink* While this story is listed as "hot" on the publisher website, I felt like their bedroom scenes were more sensual and more emotional than any other that I have read in awhile. Good job, Ms. Grimm...5 Harlie's and a highly recommended read

Thank you Marika!

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