February 23, 2007

A Day at the Symphony

Warning: Yuck factor!

The other day I drove/chaperoned for my son’s class field trip to the symphony. Honestly, it wasn’t something I had time for, but I am a believer in the importance of the arts in education, so when I found out they needed drivers or the field trip would get called off, I volunteered.

First, I have to tell you that the symphony was very enjoyable. The music they chose was fun and recognizable to most of the kids. The highlight was when the symphony performed Scheherazade, Op. 35, 1st-4th movement, during which they projected drawings illustrating the story on the screen above the stage. These drawings were done by the kids before hand and mailed in. That was fun and exciting!

So picture me, sitting in the darkened symphony hall, in the row directly below the balcony and watching the drawings flicker past when all of a sudden a child above gets sick. Yup, you guessed it, I was thrown up on. For whatever reason, maybe just that this was a child and they panicked, a child in the balcony decided to get sick over the side of the balcony instead of on his own shoes. Lucky me, I was sitting directly below him. Yuck!

I keep telling myself there’s a story in it, but whenever I think about it, I can’t stop laughing long enough to brainstorm one. Maybe later.