October 31, 2008

Hi-Ho, to the track we go…

After two years of no drag racing, my husband finally has his truck back up and running - which is fantastic for me, because honestly, he’s a bit grumpy when he can’t race.

To say he’s excited to be running again would be an understatement. The grin on his face when he pulled the truck out of the garage was reminiscent of a little boy at Christmas. Just witnessing it made me smile.

Racing for DH is about the thrill of the ride. And let me tell you, having ridden down the track in that truck, it is a thrill. ¼ mile in under 10 seconds? Trust me, that’s fast for a pickup that runs on pump gas. No nitrous under that hood, it’s all motor!

How is this related to writing, you may ask? It’s not. But what makes DH happy, makes me happy. So this weekend, we’re off to the drag strip. Hopefully, we’ll even beat his best time.

I’ll let you know.