February 28, 2010

Pets2Vets Adoption Program

Instead of writing this morning, as I am supposed to be doing, I have been surfing the web. Much to my delight, I ran across this:


It's called Pets2Vets and I think it's fantastic.

Especially since three of my dearest animal friends were adopted. Okay, so some days I just shake my head because nothing I do seems to keep the youngest dog from barking at shadows, but hey, it's not entirely her fault. After all, she is a puppy mill rescue, and has some issues because of her breeding and time in the mill.

But that's an entirely different story. Most days, my dogs bring me calm, companionship and laughter.

This is Sasha. She's a miniature schnauzer and my puppy mill rescue. She's also the best snuggler of the bunch.

Izzy is also a miniature schnauzer, although not an AKC recognized color. She was from an unwanted litter that was surrendered to rescue.

Izzy is my muse. Whenever I write, she insists on sharing the computer chair with me.

Tils was found at a local shelter. She was abused in her previous home and feared people. The shelter had her loose at the front desk when I entered. She walked straight to me for petting. The minute I heard she usually approached no one, I had to have her.

Tils had congenital hip problems and lost most of her sight to cataracts by age eight. She went to the rainbow bridge just before her ninth birthday. She was truly the best dog ever and I miss her deeply.

And just because I hate to leave her out, even though she came from a conformation breeder and not from adoption, here's Pearl:

Sercatep's Ebony Pearl: The original mini schnauzer in our house.