March 15, 2010

Fallout by Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

Risking their lives for others is second nature, but can they trust each other enough to risk their hearts?

Tully Chambers is no damsel in distress. An up and coming detective, she had her sights set on promotion until the day her partner was murdered and she ended up on the run from the mob.

Jake Holden has demons of his own. Having served his country for over twenty years, he’s found himself wounded, alone, and without a plan for his future. What starts as a simple diversion--trying to figure out the feisty little waitress next door—turns out to be his most dangerous mission yet.

From the tropics of Far North Queensland to the rugged isolation of the Northern Territory in Australia, two modern-day warriors discover their greatest fear isn’t that of a madman’s revenge–but of laying their hearts on the line for love.


“Who are you?” she demanded.

“What the hell?” The intruder struggled, to twist without success, beneath her.

Tully registered his deep voice before repeating her question. “Who. Are. You?”

“Jake Holden,” he growled back.

“Why are you breaking into my house?”

“Lady, I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is my house. I’m trying to open my door.”

Now that her eyes had adjusted to the light outside Tully could make out the profile of a strong face, grimacing in pain.

He had short dark hair and was nicely built. Under her knee she noticed his strong neck and broad shoulders. He didn’t have the physique of a body builder, all muscle and no neck, but he still appeared to be very fit. She also smelt alcohol. While she wouldn’t have said he was inebriated, his reaction time had been off a little.

“I just moved in today. You can check my licence and see for yourself,” he offered, grunting in pain.

“Where is it?”

“Well, if you let me up I’ll get it out for you”

She wasn’t about to let this guy up just yet, not until she got to the bottom of this. “Where’s your licence?”

“Front right hand side in my trousers.” His tone came out stiff and full of wounded indignation.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Who keeps their wallet in their front pocket?” she scoffed, thinking he had to be lying to create an opportunity to make a break for it.

“It’s not in my wallet, I just took my ID and cash to the pub,” he growled. “But if the thought of sticking your hand down my pants scares you—”

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