May 20, 2010

NOR Top Pick

I've been so busy lately that I'm still wading through all of my emails, trying to get caught up on good news and congrats to all of my friends and fellow authors.  So yesterday, when a little Google alert popped up in my inbox, I was thrilled to discover that Not Without Risk was given a 'Top Pick' review by Melinda at Night Owl Reviews.

Here's what she had to say:

"Sarah Grimm has done it again with a fabulous romantic suspense. Throughout each chapter the killer is one step ahead of Justin and this upsets him. He’s always worked hard and knowing someone is playing with him gets to him. I loved how determined he was and swore he would do anything to protect his woman. Right off the bat you can tell these two had chemistry yet Paige tried to deny it. The way the killer comes out in this story is one that will surprise you. The suspense and attraction was awesome and this is definitely an author that will blow your mind away."

Thank you, Melinda, you made my day!