August 5, 2010

The Wild Rose Press and the movie RED

What do The Wild Rose Press and the new movie, RED, have in common?  I'm glad you asked.

It seems that a few months ago Hollywood approached The Wild Rose Press looking for romantic suspense books for a movie set.  Shooting was set to begin on a new movie titled RED, starring Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich, to name a few.  Mary-Louise Parker's character is addicted to reading romance novels especially romantic suspense. Bruce is trying to “woo” her by reading what she likes to read so they can discuss the books. The movie set needed books to fill Mary-Louise's apartment and some to put in Bruce’s apartment as well. So, The Wild Rose Press sent them 150 books from their Crimson Rose line for the set.

No one knows for certain how the books will be featured, but I find this very exciting.  How cool will it be if there's a scene in the movie that clearly shows books from The Wild Rose Press?  I, for one, will be in the seats on opening night hoping for a glimpse of our books. 

Until then, check out the movie trailer.  It looks like a funny movie.