September 22, 2010

I believe...

My son is taking American Lit this year.  His first assignment of the year was to come up with twenty things about himself that began with 'I believe'. He, of course, didn't like the assignment. I thought it was a great way for the teacher to get to know her new students a little better.  And so I've decided to share a few statements about myself with you.

I believe in laughter.
I believe in the strength of family.
I believe that pepperoni and mushrooms are a must on any pizza.
I believe in friendships that last a lifetime.
I believe in reading, writing and supporting my fellow authors.
I believe in hot rods, driving fast and drag racing.
I believe in honesty.
I believe in love.
I believe in myself.

How about you? Share with me a few statements that begin with 'I believe'.


Sherry Gloag said...

This is a great post Sarah. Not only does your son's teacher get to know her pupils, but the pupils may get to know things about themselves they hadn't realised before.
What do I beleive in? Here are just a few.
I believe in unconditional friendship.
I believe in the power of manifestation.
I believe in love.
There's more, but as usual, ask me a question and my mind blanks :-)
I believe

Maeve Greyson said...

What a wonderful post Sarah and I think your son is very lucky to have such an insightful teacher. Here's a few things I believe:

I believe there's someone in this world for everyone - their other half, their soul mate.

I believe in the unconditional love a mother feels for her child.

I believe chocolate and coffee are two of the most wondrous flavors on earth.

I believe my husband is perhaps the most patient person in the world and I hope he's well-rewarded in his next life because heaven knows I've tormented him enough in this one!

Liz Flaherty said...

Gosh, I wish I'd thought of this...

I believe in God.
I believe in family.
I believe in myself.
I believe in the power of the written word.
I believe in the strength of women and their friendships with each other. Hear us roar!
I believe there is no better time than now, whenever now is.

Sarah Grimm said...

Fantastic comments ladies! Thanks for sharing.


P.L. Parker said...

I believe in family.
I believe in finding a soulmate.
I believe in my children and their strengths.
I believe in the power of love.

Lilly Gayle said...

Great post! And what a fabulous teacher your son has! I'll play:
I believe in God AND science.

I believe love and faith can defeat anything.

I believe faith is more important than any one religion.

I believe that when trust is gone, the relationship is doomed.

I believe in the power of positive thinking.

And I believe we don't always get what we want but we usually get what we need.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Lara,
Wonderful excerpt. sounds like an exciting read.