February 21, 2011

Tempting Adam by Jill James

Jill James
The Wild Rose Press


They both want the same thing – St. Eden Studios.

Corporate raider Yvette Giardino intends to bring St. Eden Studios to its knees. It’s a job. One her grandmother’s health depends on. That Adam St. Eden will suffer isn’t personal. Until he awakens her sympathy and stirs her body in ways she can’t explain.

Adam wants one thing and one thing only – to protect the dream his grandfather began. But when the board demands he work with stunning Yvette, a woman he’d mistakenly indulged with in a little after-hours play, his world turns upside down. Missed meetings, unhappy clients, and nights of intense pleasure – he can blame one person. Yvette.

With his corporation crumbling around him, can Adam rise above the fallout and see his sexy temptress for what she really is – a victim of manipulation and a woman who desperately needs his love?


Yvette pulled herself together with a jolt.

It’s a job. It’s a job.

She repeated the mantra in her head in an endless loop, gazing into deep, blue eyes. This close, she noticed the subtle lines near his eyes from his outdoor living. If he had grown up in Hollywood, he would have had a facelift or two by now, instead of the natural look he pulled off quite well.

Adam helped her rise, his warm hand cupping her elbow. A tingle shot from her arm, to her chest, and to regions much farther south. A sexual moan almost escaped her lips. Yvette shook her head to clear the mental images of her and him and the hotel room. It didn’t help. Memories of that night still had the power to stir her senses. They hit Yvette in a place she didn’t think existed—her emotions.

His eyes darkened to indigo, and he leaned nearer. His fresh, evergreen scent enveloped her. Her head swam, and she tilted on the heels of her shoes. She berated herself for her juvenile behavior, unable to believe the She-shark of business might have met her match. At least in the sexual arena.

Adam wrapped an arm around her shoulders, led her to the bench outside the door, and sat beside her. “I hope you’re doing okay. I would’ve found you a seat inside, but they were getting back to work. I didn’t want anything else to delay the work schedule.”

Disbelief flooded Yvette while she replayed what had just happened. She needed to get a grip on herself and this job. Adam was nice enough overall, and was great—make that fantastic—in bed.

However, he was no ruthless businessman and knew next to nothing about Hollywood. He wasn’t the first CEO she’d taken down, and he wouldn’t be the last.

It wasn’t personal.

A note from Jill:

When I started writing romances I was stuck on sweet romances - the whole 'behind closed doors' kind of love scenes. When I started seeing what was out there I knew I needed to write hotter. So Tempting Adam was an experiment of sorts to see how hot I could write. As I started writing, something magical happened. The love scenes wrote themselves. Adam and Yvette were hot from page 1, the love scenes even hotter. Hopefully you will enjoy reading Tempting Adam as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You can learn more about Jill James and her writing by visiting her website or blog. Also, catch up with her on Facebook.

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Sarah Grimm said...


Welcome. Tempting Adam sounds fantastic! I've already added it to my TBR list.


Mona Risk said...

Congratulations Jill on your new release. It sounds hot and yummy.

Sarah, you have a gorgeous blog. I am following you now.

Sarah Grimm said...

@Mona Risk Thanks, Mona!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Interesting post. Jill, you stretched your boundaries--which is always good, if not a little scary--yet you pulled it off. Good for you! Much success.

Marie Tuhart said...

Congrats on the release, Jill. Funny I started writing hotter as an experiment as well. It's it amazing when we let yourselves go how the words flow.

Debra St. John said...

Hi Sarah and Jill,

"Tempting Adam" sounds wonderful. Thanks for the blurb and the 'tempting' excerpt. This definitely goes on my TBR list.

Congrats on your new release. I wish you many sales.

Jill James said...

Sarah, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog. This has been such an exciting time for me, the realization of a lifelong dream.

Jill James said...

Mona, thanks. I think Tempting Adam is hot and yummy too. Sarah's blog IS gorgeous, isn't it?

Jill James said...

Vonnie, thank you. It was scary, but so worth it.

Jill James said...

Marie, so true. When you turn off all those annoying voices the true voice comes through.

Jill James said...

Debra, thank you. Hope you enjoy Adam and Yvette.

Sandy said...

Can't wait to get my copy, Jill.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Excellent excerpt, Jill, looking forward to reading it!!

Jill James said...

Sandy and Donna, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy Adam and Yvette.

Claire Ashgrove said...

Ahhh! You've got to read this book folks!! I read it the first day it was available... yum, yum, yum.

Can I have an Adam of my own, Jill?

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I bought the book on release day and am downloading it to my Nook tonight so I can start reading.

Jill James said...

Claire, thank you so much. I think Adam is very yummy indeed.

Jill James said...

Stacey, thank you. Hope you enjoy Adam and Yvette.