March 28, 2011

Spotlight On... Veronica Lynch

Joining me today at Off the Keyboard is author Veronica Lynch. Welcome Veronica.

Thanks for having me, Sarah. I hope we can have some fun today.

What’s the one interview question you always dread being asked?

Where do you get your ideas?

Tell us about THE LIST, and where we can find it.

It is a story of taking revenge against those who abused you for no reason other than it could be done with few repercussions. Fiona Thorpe decides to return to her 25th high school reunion, list in hand, with the intent of exacting payback on the names on a piece of paper. The first attempts come with surprising ease but during the formal awards banquet she is seated beside a handsome, charismatic man who wins her over with gentleness, attention and integrity. Little does she know this local Paladin who fights for the underdog, is Mick Dineen, top man on her list.

It is available at: The Wild Rose Press

Oops, I'm gonna hit you with your most dreaded question. Sort of. LOL How did you come up with the idea for THE LIST? 

I have always been intrigued with revenge, but could never find a reason which I felt was strong enough to fit within the confines of a novella. At the same time there was a number of articles in the news about bullies which of course have been around since the flood. [the original one] I needed to find a reason for a group of kids to pick on another and chose morbid obesity. The heroine of The List, Fiona Thorpe, once voted Most Likely to Explode, returns to the reunion a successful business woman, less than 1/3 her former size and a raving beauty. That in itself is great revenge against those who considered her less than. From there, the story practically wrote itself.

Sounds great! Who would you cast to play your hero or heroine in a movie?

As I wrote the story I pictured Nick Nolte [in his prime] for Mick Dineen and Anne Hathaway [though she’s a tad young] for Fiona.

Love your choices. What is it about the romance genre that appeals to you?

The hero and heroine’s journey to discover a happy ever after ending.

What do you find it the hardest part of writing a book?

Starting in the right spot.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When my second book was released in 2007. It was the book of my heart; when it happened, I knew I had made.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

This is a real guilty, warped pleasure: watching old Steven Seagal movies.

Do you have a favorite character or one you identify with the most?

Maggie McGuire, heroine from my second book, Try Just Once More. She is a woman who battles personal demons every day while attempting to put her life back together after her world is devastated by betrayal and depravity.

Is there anything you’d like to ask your readers?

I would ask what is their favorite character type for a heroine as well as a hero.

Thanks for visiting with me today. Where can we find you on the web?

Thank you, Sarah. You can find me at: or

The List (A Class of '85 story) by Veronica Lynch
Available at The Wild Rose Press

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Twenty-five years ago, Fiona Thorpe's classmates voted her most likely to explode. Through hard work and rigorous self-control she is now every woman's fantasy, every man's wet dream. Head held high, and less than half her former size, Fee returns to her high school reunion weekend. Her goal: exact revenge on those who made her life a living hell back in the day. Her first attempts are remarkably easy and give her profound satisfaction. But no one is more shocked than Fee when she discovers the handsome, respected man seated beside her at the opening banquet is a modern day Paladin, who avenges those unable to defend themselves. To make matters worse, he is her former chief tormentor, Mick Dineen.

Are some wounds too deep to heal? Or can two former enemies find common ground?

Frustrated with the holdup, Fee glanced around the room, hoping to see Dru the minute she entered the ballroom. A hand on her arm claimed her attention. “Here comes someone you should meet.”


“Last year's Eastman Award winner,” Rafe said, “and a helluva nice guy.”


“There, coming toward us.”

One nano-second later, all thoughts of revenge evaporated like steam out of a boiling kettle.

Thick gold hair flecked with gray grazed the collar of his jacket. His features were weathered—as if he'd already lived ten times over. Broad through the shoulders and chest, and narrow at the waist and hips, he possessed the long legs of a broken-field runner. Moving across the parquet floor as if born to a runway, he looked confident and at ease with himself. Without disrupting that graceful, fluid motion, he undid his tie, then shrugged out of his suit jacket.

She'd almost given up on finding a man like this.

This one had the Look.


Sarah Grimm said...


Thanks for visiting with me today. I can't wait to read THE LIST. I have it loaded on my Kindle and ready to go! I just need to find the time, which has been difficult these past few weeks.


Emma Lai said...

Had to laugh at the guilty pleasure...I was a huge fan of Seagal back in his day. (I don't include a reality show spotlighting his job as a police offer in his best roles.) My favorite characters, both male and female, are headstrong and opinionated, which of course has nothing to do with how I am in real life. :)

Veronica Lynch said...

Hi, Emma
thabnks for stopping by.
Like many of us, espeially me, we were pretty buff back in the day. No bags, sags or wrinkles. Steven looks much worse for wear, I'm afraid. I wonder if his kidneys are functioning okay.
I think it's a riot when after he's taken someone into custody, or is just talking to one, and they get all gushy and nutsy.
I suppose if Paul Newman was still alive and I saw him I'd about die!