August 1, 2011

Scorcher Blog Tour: Why Vampire Are Sexy – Part 2


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Welcome to Part 2 of Arial Burnz’s guest blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 1! (If this is your first stop, you’ll want to go back to Part 1.) Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Sarah!!

Continuing with our topic Why Vampires Are Sexy: To be sure, there’s a deep intimacy in the embrace and the contact of the vampire using his or her mouth to drink from their victim or love interest. There’s an even deeper intimacy in the exchange of the life-giving force of blood. Add all that to the penetration of a hot love scene and…Ooooooh laah laah!!! All in all, sensuality is the key!

In this small excerpt, my hero Broderick has entered my heroine Davina’s bedchamber to try and read her thoughts to discover her involvement with his enemy and clan rival. However, Davina is not giving him the information he’s looking for. Feeding from a victim, my vampires learn everything about that person and their lives, so Broderick resigns himself to do just that:

Doh! You’ll have to go to the next blog to read the hot excerpt. Before you do, let’s check in and give a purpose to your post. Continuing to excite the six senses as it pertains to vampires…we’ll explore the sense of taste in this post.

What do YOU find hot about TASTE associated with vampires? Though the idea of drinking blood for us mortals might not be appetizing, many pieces of fiction explain that such tastes change upon transformation. Perhaps the idea of crossing over to that unknown territory entices you. In my novels, being fed from is a euphoric experience that borders on orgasmic qualities. Share your dark desires if you have any!


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Sarah Grimm said...

Let's get this party started!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Baby!!!! I'm excited!!! Woot!! *Arial gyrates her hips in a very awkward manner* Ok, so I can't dance!

Krystal Larson said...

Do dark desires for chocolate count? I love dark chocolate >< Of course, if I could track down my very own vampire that would be another thing entirely ;) edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I'm a dark chocolate lover myself! *does the Snoopy dance* How about a hot, sexy vampire covered in dark chocolate???? Mmmmmmmmm! If so, that definitely counts as a DARK desire!! Mwuhahaha! ;)

msmjb65 said...

I just love it when its an erotic experience to bitten by the gorgeous vamp du jour. Who cares about taste?!

msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Hee hee!! I hear ya, Mara!

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of the vampire is erotic and romantic. Even the blood exchange is an appealing idea. The whole blood-bound concept is like linking the Soul. It is hot, intimate, and pleasing =)


Arial Burnz said...

Hello, Linds! I totally agree! The main reason I write about vampires are the very reasons you stated. Delish!!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't forget to visit the other blogs to qualify for the prizes. :D

Na said...
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Na said...

I think a vampire drawing blood from his mate is a very deep connection that goes beyond a food source. I think for a vampire the taste of blood is similar to humans instinctively sensing chemistry with another person. The blood of their mate just happens to be sweet or spicy but to their liking.


Arial Burnz said...

@Na - Interesting that you say that!! I just finished writing the first love scene in Book 2 - MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE, and you touch on on of the many things that bond Broderick and Davina together. Thanks so much for your insightful comment and for participating in the tour!!

Robin said...

I didn't really think of vampires and taste since they drink blood and don't eat, but the blood would have a taste for them I suppose! It would be like the richest, strongest flavor we might drink, wine if you're a wine drinker, or a fine liquor. I would imagine...
Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Arial Burnz said...

Thanks so much for the input. I know some of these questions caught people off guard. My point was to explore the six senses as they pertain to vampire and make people see either different perspectives, think outside the box, or enhance something they may have already thought about. I appreciate the participation. Cheers!

Arial Burnz said...

Scorcher Tour Week 1 Winner – Na from Canada!
Na won an eBook copy of MIDNIGHT CONQUEST

Sarah Grimm said...


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