October 21, 2011

5 Things Noah Clark Would Never Say

One of the things I’m repeatedly asked is whether or not I base my characters’ physical attributes on real people, and if so, who they look like? Honestly, I never do. When my characters first begin talking to me, I come up with the details – hair color, eye color, height, and skin tone – and an image of my hero and heroine takes shape in my head.

However, as a reader, I, too, enjoy when an author offers up a photograph that resembles how they imagine their character to look. And so I share with you the closest representation of the hero of After Midnight, singer/front man for the rock band Black Phoenix, Noah Clark.


Okay, with that visual in mind, I give you Five Things Noah Clark Would Never Say:

1. Music? I could do without it.

2. My family isn’t all the important to me.

3. I love the sound of my own voice. I never stop talking.

4. I wasn’t all that interested in Isabeau when I first met her.

5. It’s all about being a star – playing sold out stadiums and making the most money I can.

"After Midnight is one hell of a love story! I was hooked at the end of the first chapter. I had to read more. I had to know more. And Sarah Grimm definitely delivered more." ~ 5 Stars, Fire Pages


Jennifer Jakes said...

Yummy. I love that you're using him as Noah. *sigh* Thanks for the man candy;)

AJ Nuest said...

Great blog, sweetie. And I think you should keep this picture of Noah up FOREVER! Sigh is RIGHT!

Amy said...

Maybe she should add him to the header! Love me some Noah! :)

Calisa Rhose said...

Lol If I heard Noah say any of these I'd have to call him a liar. Great post Sarah! (still reading his story)

sue said...

Fascinating. Sometimes my people aren't all that specific but a list of things they would never say - I'll think on that - thanks for the idea