November 11, 2011

Off the Keyboard Welcomes Emma Lai!

I’m excited, and nervous, to be celebrating the release of Riding Rodeo today from The Wild Rose Press. I’m excited because it’s always exciting to see one of my stories hit the market. I’m nervous because this story is near and dear to me.

A stupid accident robbed the world of a young woman, whose smile literally lit up the room and whose laughter was contagious. How better to honor her than to give her a happily-ever-after?

I struggled long and hard over this story, especially its presentation. After all, an erotica hardly seems the appropriate genre to honor someone’s memory, but while the book was written with her in mind, the characters took on lives of their own, as they often do for me, and the result was Riding Rodeo.

I’ll also admit that while Sean was loosely based on a guy my friend had a crush on, it was my own experience with bronc riders that brought him to life. How much experience? Well, I’ll just leave that up to readers’ imaginations.


The last person Amanda Goodson expected to walk into her bakery was Sean Cassidy, the bareback bronc rider who rode her hard one night and left without a good-bye the next day. Since then, she'd sworn off one-night stands and cowboys, but one look at the man she called Rodeo leaves her hankering for another ride.

A nasty injury ended Sean's career and left him with nothing but time to contemplate past sins, especially the most damning one...walking out on Amanda, the one woman he couldn't forget. Eager to right the biggest mistake of his life, he finds Amanda--and learns he has competition. Never one to back down from a challenge, he offers to fulfill her darkest fantasy--taking two cowboys for a ride.

When the dust settles, will Sean's plan to win Amanda's trust backfire or will she risk her heart for one more shot at Riding Rodeo?

I’ll be giving away a copy to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

Holy Hotness Batman, I HAVE to read this one!
A wounded cowboy hero? 
Oh, yeah, I am so there. Sign me up for a copy!
Readers, make sure you leave Emma a comment for your chance to win!

Oh, and before forget...


Rachel Brimble said...

Oooh, this one sounds delicious, Emma! A wounded cowboy, naughtiness and a woman reluctant to love, count me in for a copy.

Lots of luck with sales, lovely lady!

R x

Calisa Rhose said...

I canna wait to read this one, Emma. I have my copy already and love, love cowboys! I'm so sorry you and your sister lost a friend but, erotic or not, I think this is a wonderful tribute to her memory.

Nancy Jardine Author said...

Ain't been on a horse for years but i might just have to saddle up for this one! Sounds great, Emma!

Katherine said...

Sounds like a great read, Emma. Congrats on your new release.

Emma Lai said...

Thanks so much for celebrating Release Day with me, Sarah!

Emma Lai said...

Thanks, Rachel!

Calisa, I really hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for the kind thought. :)

Nancy, I haven't been on a horse in years either, but I believe it's like riding a bicycle--once you know how, you never forget...though your thighs most assuredly do! :)

Thanks, Katherine!

Maeve Greyson said...

Mercy! This one sounds awesome, Emma! Happy release day and I've already added this one to my gotta read list.

Emma Lai said...

Thanks for the congrats, Maeve!

Emma Lai said...

Congratulations, Rachel! Your name was randomly picked as the winner of a copy of Riding Rodeo. :)

Rachel Brimble said...

Yay, I am sooo happy! Can't wait to read it.

Thanks, Emma.

Rachel x