January 14, 2012

The Page 99 Test ~ Not Without Risk

The Page 99 Test is simple: After reading page 99, would you want to turn the page and keep reading? About a month ago I posted page 99 of my contemporary romance, After Midnight. Because it was so much fun, I thought I'd do it again.

Let's have a look at my romantic suspense, Not Without Risk:

    As her legs suddenly went weak, Paige forced away the thought. She couldn't get involved with him. Couldn't let herself care.
    She dragged in a shaky breath. "I'm sorry I've wasted your time."
    Justin set his jaw. His hand curled against his thigh. "I never said you were wasting my time."
    She'd been so afraid, coming out of a nightmare then hearing someone move around downstairs. So sure of what she'd heard, certain of someone in her studio. Now...
    Maybe it had been a dream, or the panicked imaginings of an exhausted mind. Paige didn't think so, but couldn't be certain. "I must be overreacting."
    "It would be understandable."
    She closed her eyes against the kindness she heard in his voice. They snapped open at the feel of his finger beneath her chin. He tipped her face to his. "Then there's the broken bottle in the darkroom. Imagination doesn't explain that."
    Relief filled her, driving away some of her tension. Maybe she wasn't losing her mind, after all. "Thank you."
    "For what, doing my job?"
    "For answering my call, even though you were probably busy with something else. For believing in me. Again."
    "We aren't going to start this again, are we? I wasn't busy." Justin explained as he lifted his hand and traced his fingertip along her jaw. "I had dinner with my mother earlier. On my way home, I stopped off for a drink. That's where I was when you called."
    Paige took a deep breath, trying to slow her racing heart. The caress of his fingers across her skin made her pulse trip. "I'm glad." She wasn't supposed to care where he went or who he spent his free time with, but she had to admit to being thrilled he hadn't been on a date. Just the thought of him touching another woman the way he touched her now made her stomach clench painfully.

So what do you think? Would you keep reading?
Want to join in the fun? I'd love to read your page 99.
Post it on your blog and let me know where to find it.


Susan Macatee said...

Great excerpt, Sarah! I sure would!

Sarah Grimm said...

Thanks, Susan, that's great to hear!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Well, now, this idea appeals to me. This page 99 thing/test. Your page certainly passed--and with flying colors, too. Great page. It showcases your talent, but then most pages you write showcase it quite nicely.

Sarah Grimm said...

Well thanks, Vonnie, you're too kind.

Unknown said...

Oh, sure, I'd keep reading. This page caught your characters at a crucial moment--and that's the goal, isn't it?
I'd heard of this little test, but really didn't know what to do with it. Now...well, I can't wait to do one. Good idea.
I also really like your title--I'm a title freak. I look for what I call "killer titles." Yours is one...but I won't mention any I think are "wimpy" or "cartoonish" or "trite." Those are my categories.
Thanks for the read...

Sarah Grimm said...

Celia, I'd love to read your page 99. Let me know when you do the test.

The title, Not Without Risk, is my favorite of all of my titles. It relates to the story so much! Everything in that book revolves around risk, from the hero’s job, to taking a leap of faith and risking his heart in order to find love.