April 27, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Mary Campisi:

Birthday? October
Favorite color? Black. Yes, black. Black dog, black car, black turtleneck. Maroon is a good choice too.
Favorite animal? Dog
Siblings? 3- two older brothers and a younger sister
Favorite drink? Diet Pepsi
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? cinnamon
Favorite author? Judith McNaught – all time favorite
Favorite dish? Linguine and shrimp in a marinara clam sauce – my specialty
Ice cream flavor? raspberry
Favorite Season? Fall
Plotter or Pantser? I plot the basic outline but once I start writing, the panster emerges
Hobbies? Gardening and growing things – perennials, herbs, vegetables, Christmas cacti, African violets. Pressing flowers and framing them, cooking, baking, reading, playing Sudoku and word jumble with my husband, and heading down a country road with my husband on the back of his Electra Glide Classic aka Harley.
Dream vacation? Heading west to explore Deadwood, The Badlands, Little Big Horn, Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore
Favorite TV show? Person of Interest
Musical preference? Classic rock
Pet peeve? Dirty dishes in the sink
Favorite place to write? My study
Favorite song? currently it’s Adele’s Rolling in the Deep
Odd family fact? We all talk for our animals
Unforgettable moment? Eating pizza on the kitchen floor of our new home on move-in day – July, 1995. It was a merging of our families- his 2, my 3. We spread out a long roll of brown packing paper and shared pizza- kids still talk about it.
Favorite Superhero? hmmm…my husband
Spicy or not? writing is spicy, food is not
Cat or Dog? Dog
Favorite candy bar? Used to be Mounds – sadly, I gave up chocolate almost 2 years ago due to migraines
Favorite guilty pleasure? keylime pie

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

She’ll risk anything to save her child, even the truth. PULLING HOME by @MaryCampisi http://amzn.to/FRjF9q #romance #kindle #amreading


To learn more about Mary and her writing, check out her website: http://www.marycampisi.com


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Isn't it odd the things kids remember? Ordinary, yet memorable things, like eating pizza on the kitchen floor. Love it! Oh, and I could smell your favorite dish as you described it. Yummm.

Mackenzie Crowne said...

What a lovely memory, for you AND the kids. Funny how it's the little things that leave behind the biggest imprint.

Katherine said...

Hi Mary, Wish I had your green thumb. I can't even grow a weed. I'm really good at killing plants though, even killed a cactus once. I also like Person of Interest.

Your Twitter style blurb is really intriguing. Hope you have lots of sales.

Mary Campisi said...

Hi Vonnie, Mackenzie, and Katherine!

Thanks for the visit! Sorry I didn't respond earlier today but my husband and I just got back from Charleston, SC yesterday and spent the major part of today restocking our food. Heaven forbid, I should go without a meal:) I am getting ready for mid-May when my mother and sister venture to town and the kids all come home for a few days...it will be madness, yet so wonderful. I'm already planning the meals.

Katherine- I do love my plants and flowers. I made one major mistake while away- I didn't have time to plant the hydrangea I received as a gift a few weeks ago, so watered it thoroughly and hoped for the best. It was withered to almost nothing yesterday. I stuck it in the sink and bathed it in plenty of water. Today- almost back to normal. Another few days and I'll stick it in the ground!

Hope you ladies had a great day - off to unpack all those groceries...and then decide what's for dinner!!


Sarah Grimm said...

Love your favorite superhero, Mary! Thanks for visiting with me. :)