January 15, 2013

Latest News on Works in Progress

Hello friends, I thought I'd update you all on what's going on in my world. Currently, I'm in writing mode, doing everything I can to squeeze in as many words as humanly possible during the short window of time I get to write daily. It’s more difficult this winter than last – maybe because for the first time ever, I have more than one iron in the fire. Yup, there are way too many men in my head, demanding attention. Wow, whoever thought I would say that? lol

Midnight Heat (Midnight series, book 2) 

Dominic Price

Dominic is the loudest voice right now – perhaps because he is the most alpha of all of my alpha heroes. He’s blunt, in-your-face, and curses too much. He’s also flawed, damaged by his childhood, and more sensitive than he would ever let on. I have a real soft spot for Dom, which is only one of the reasons his book is at the top of my MUST FINISH list.

She was the only woman who ever rocked his world.

Black Phoenix bassist Dominic Price made a mistake three years ago when he walked out on Rebecca without a backward glance. A mistake he plans to rectify. But first he has to convince her to open her heart to him again. 

The unconscious man wheeled into Dr. Rebecca Dahlman’s ER was sexy—unforgettably sexy—and injured. This wasn’t just any patient in need of medical help. He was the only man she’d ever loved—the one who still haunted her dreams. 

One touch of his calloused hands reignites their passion. Can they rekindle their trust as easily, or will her fears cause her to lose him again…this time to a man bent on revenge? 

At Any Cost 

Michael Atwood

Michael is the second loudest voice, but that could just be that he comes from a large, noisy family. Steadfast, focused, and dedicated are three words that describe Michael Atwood. A detective with the San Diego Police Department, Michael works in the same precinct as, you guessed it, Justin Harrison, hero of Not Without Risk. Yes, Justin makes a cameo appearance in At Any Cost – a scene where you learn the repercussions of Justin ignoring protocol and becoming involved with Paige. WHOOP!

In addition to Midnight Heat, I also have two more books in mind for the Midnight Series:

Midnight Shadow (Midnight series, book 3)

Thomas Cahill Sr.

Thomas is the quietest voice, mostly because he feels he’s already loved and lost his one true love. Honestly, even I didn’t know Thomas had another chance at happily-ever-after. It took a few comments from readers of After Midnight for me to see, and once I did, I wholeheartedly agreed. A heart of gold wrapped in brawn and tattoos – he’s a hero that deserves a very special heroine. Good thing I’ve got just the woman for him.

Chasing Midnight (Midnight series, book 4)

Alex Morgan

Ah, Alex – cocky, confident, a bit A.D.D. Alex. Love-‘em-and-leave-‘em Alex. The newest member of Black Phoenix, he’s used to women swooning at his feet. So I plan to give him exactly what he needs – a woman who has nothing to offer him but a cold shoulder. What? Can’t an author have a little bit of fun?

So that’s them, my works in progress. The stories in my head and the men demanding I write faster. Any tips you can offer for keeping four impatient heroes happy? I’d love to hear your ideas.


LaVerne Clark said...

Whoop!! Loving ALL of your works in progress, Sarah! I adore Dom too, and am extra thrilled to hear you're writing Thomas' story too! I think I was one of those readers clamoring for it :)

Sarah Grimm said...

I think your were, LaVerne! Thanks for putting the idea in my head. :-)

Angela Adams said...

Try focusing on the one with the strongest personality. Good luck.

Sarah said...

Good advice, Angela. Thanks!

AJ Nuest said...

YUM! They all look so good, I can see why you are having a hard time choosing! I gotta vote for Thomas, Sr., though. Blame it on my age...and that outstanding picture. LOL

Sarah Grimm said...

ROFL, A.J. I do love that picture!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

As usual, I'm late. I'm thrilled you are writing Dom's story. THRILLED, I'm telling you!!! But I have to say, Thomas Sr. looks mighty fine...er...his storyline sounds intriguing. Be assured I'll be first in line, waving my debit card, when these stories release. Woot!

Sarah Grimm said...

Awe, thanks, Vonnie! I'm writing as fast as I can so I can make Dom available...er...make his story available for you. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it be worse not to have any men clamoring for attention? For your books, that is...

Sarah Grimm said...

Very true, Casey! That would be much worse.

Author Roast and Toast said...

Um, I'm not sure why, Sarah, but it's really hard to think all of a sudden. ;-)

How about this, focus on Dom because damn it, I've been waiting forever for those leather pants. Send the rest to a bar to hang out together until you're ready for them. Who knows, you may get a scene from the exercise. Then take on Thomas because, well, he's Thomas.

By the way. I want to live in your head. Just saying.

Sarah Grimm said...

Author Roast and Toast-

My head can be a great place to be. I'm thinking it would be even better if I followed your advice! Sending everyone but Dom to a bar is a great idea! That would leave Dom and I alone, with no prying eyes...ahem, sorry, got a little distracted for a moment.

BTW, I have a scene fleshed out that includes Dominic Price in a pair of leather pants. :)