June 28, 2013

Friday Quickie: Dani Wade

25 quickie facts about Dani Wade: 

Birthday? June 12th
Favorite color? Hunter Green
Favorite animal? Cat (I would be one if I could, so I could lay around all day and eat.)
Siblings? My family is unique! I have an identical twin, then a brother 18 years younger than me and a sister 22 years younger.
Favorite drink? Caffeine Free Diet Coke
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Ew! Jelly Beans? Gross!
Favorite Author? I can’t narrow it down to 1, so my fave author of the moment is Lexi Blake – awesome sexy suspense books.
Favorite dish? Taco Salad
Ice cream flavor? Chocolate
Favorite Season? Fall – I love the colors and cooler weather!
Plotter or Pantser? Plotter, with the knowledge that things might change, especially during revisions.
Hobbies? Scrapbooking, not that I have time for it.
Dream vacation? A month in Scotland with my family.
Favorite TV show? Big Bang Theory
Musical preference? Top 40/Hard Rock
Pet peeve? People who don’t plan ahead, then expect me to rearrange my schedule for them.
Favorite place to write? My bed.
Favorite song? As with books, I have too many faves. So my fave of the moment is Nickelback’s Hold on to Heaven – the theme song for my next release, Finding her Rhythm.
Odd family fact? Aren’t my siblings an odd enough fact? :)
Unforgettable moment? The moment both my babies were born.
Favorite Superhero? Batman
Spicy or not? Are we talkin’ food? Cause that’s the only thing I want mild (my books can attest to that).
Cat or dog? Cat
Favorite candy bar? Snickers
Favorite guilty pleasure? Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and long hot baths on the weekends.

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less: 

Michael Korvello: Passionate rocker, father, loner. Weakness: His new nanny. Fear: Can she accept the real man behind the superstar?


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