October 27, 2010

Contest Prize Poll

I woke up this morning in the mood for a blog contest. An easy one because, hey, I'm all about easy contests. With a smile on my face I began jotting down the multiple ways you, my readers, could enter. Then I got to the prize. What would I offer? What would be the most popular prize? Hmmm...

I came up with a few different ideas, then decided to go to the source. So here's your chance to tell me what YOU want.

I'll keep the poll open for at least a week and then post a contest in November.  Thanks for sharing. I look forward to learning what all of you prefer.


debbie said...

That's a tough one. I voted for the visa card because the holidays are coming up, but I really enjoy books for myself.

Sarah Grimm said...


I hadn't even thought of that, but you bring up a good point. Depending on the time of year, people's choice may differ.



Debra St. John said...

Clever idea.

I, too, ahd a hard time choosing between books and the Borders gift card.