October 2, 2010

whisper your fantasy to me, baby

Today's blog is by author Becca Dale.  Make sure to leave a comment here and well as at her blog for your change to win.

Whisper Your Fantasy to Me, Baby: The value of secret dreams.

The heroine in my latest release, Surrender at Sea, confronts a bit of forbidden fruit that ultimately represents everything she secretly desires—joy, love, and respect. In her case, as is often the situation in romance, physical desire ultimately fulfills unspoken dreams. Such fantasies are frequently too precious or painful or even embarrassing to be consciously acknowledged, but they guide our choices and our hopes all the same.

Growing up, I longed for a considerate partner who would put the seat down so I did not need to shower at three AM, share in the daily chores such as dishes, and show affection both in public or private. [Sorry, Daddy.] This is a simplistic example of the value of secret dreams. My father did not feel the need to help with the housework, or put the seat down for that matter, partly because of the generation and environment in which he was raised and partly because of the nature of his job that kept him long hours in the field. However, my mother usually worked those fields beside him. It always seemed to me that he had a responsibility to her as well to the farm.

In his defense, Dad provided the fodder for my perfect husband fantasy by offering both good and bad examples of male behavior. It was his chivalrous habit of walking on the outside of the sidewalk to protect my mother from vehicle splash; his hand at her waist or on her arm as they spoke; and the way he sought her out the moment a waltz played, even if they had to dance in the alleyway of the milking parlor, that made me long for such tacit affection. This unspoken dream hovered in my head and tinted my view of the male population.

Today, my husband is literally the man of my dreams and so much more. I am lucky. This I understand without doubt. However, other fantasies, many voiced only to myself, continue to guide me in countless ways. Unspoken and sometimes even unacknowledged desires drive us forward or hold us back from true fulfillment. They can deal with simple things, like those mentioned above, or explore far more intimate issues that could potentially place a person in a position of ridicule. Romantic literature allows writers and readers to explore such things without fear of repercussions because it is, after all, fiction. Before you ask, no I do not secretly yearn for a boy toy like Jess in Surrender does, but an escape to the Bahamas would be lovely if someone has a spare ticket to share.

So what hidden dreams and desires make you shiver in the night? What do you secretly yearn for? Now that you think about it, has such a dream been fulfilled? Share your fantasy and read or comment on those that others share. Make me laugh, cry, or just say aw and you could win a copy of Surrender at Sea and a secret bonus just for playing along. Remember, I may need to find you when the contest is over so mention where you heard about this blog or simply check back to see who won. [NOTE: Off the Keyboard is not labeled as an adult page so keep your responses PG13 or cleaner, please. ;-D]

If you would like to explore this topic in a more intimate setting, pop over to Becca’s Retreat and share away. You must comment here as well though if you want to be in on the contest. (comments are at the top of the post) Thanks for visiting and thank you, Sarah, for allowing me to drop by. I hope all of you have your very best secrets fantasies come true.

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Kate Richards said...

Fantasy men...it's such an interesting thing how we choose our mates or fantasize about them. My husband is a stoic New Englander who is not that comfy showing affection, physically, unless he has had a couple of beers. However, last week a vendor at work hit my parked car. Their insurance company isn't calling me back and my knight in shining armor took the paperwork out of my hand and made it his problem. I love him! Sometimes it's the little things... Of course, in a book I expect the big things! LOL

Terry Spear said...

A hunky Highland werewolf, of course! I'm going to Scotland next week to explore 5 castles in the Highland, and I'll be searching for Highland werewolf hunks--never know what I might find!

Valerie Mann said...

I know your husband and he is a doll. You are lucky and even more, you realize it! And I love your Dad, too! All that aside, I think you're right, it's important to have some ideas of what makes your perfect mate...and then be realistic about what you can live with and what you can't live without. Sometimes we forget that while our mate might be a toad sometimes, he's a prince compared to most of the other toads out there!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Becca,
Nice blog. Your father sounds like he was an old fasioned gentleman, with the little courtesies he offered your Mum, but in his era, women were expected to work hard for their men. My das was the same. I am glad you found your hero.

P.L. Parker said...

My secret dream - to be walking down the street and someone stops me and says "Aren't you that author . . . ."

Becca Dale said...

Perfect, P.L. I have that same dream.