March 9, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Joanne Stewart:

Birthday? October 25th
Favorite color? lavender
Favorite animal? Dog
Siblings? Half brother
Favorite drink? coffee
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Tutti-frutti
Favorite author? Diana Gabaldon
Favorite dish? Anything pasta
Ice cream flavor? Vanilla
Favorite Season? Spring
Plotter or Pantser? Pantser
Hobbies? Writing and reading
Dream vacation? Hawaii
Favorite TV show? Bones
Musical preference? Soft rock
Pet peeve? Negative people
Favorite place to write? Kitchen table
Favorite song? “Just a Kiss”, Lady Antebellum
Odd family fact? sadly, I can’t think of one.
Unforgettable moment? When my kids were born
Favorite Superhero? Superman
Spicy or not? in between
Cat or dog? dog
Favorite candy bar? Dove Chocolate
Favorite guilty pleasure? Brownies.

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

A heart shattered by divorce, a life destroyed by tragedy...can they heal each others hearts and find happiness together?

To learn more about Joanne Stewart and her books, please visit:


Nancy Jardine Author said...

I recently bought a new choc bar with vanilla pieces -yummy!

AJ Nuest said...

Hi Joanne! Based on your recommendation, I am now going online to listen to some Lady Antebellum! Whoot! Thanks for the peek inside. Love this post, Sarah. I look forward to it every Friday.

Lilly Gayle said...

Love your Twitter-style blurb. Very catchy. It's enough to make me want to check out your book. lol!

Joanne Stewart said...

Nancy--that sounds yummy! Now I'm craving chocolate! lol

Joanne Stewart said...

Aj -- I heard a song on the radio once and I was hooked. That particular song was one I listened to a lot while writing my last WIP. Every time I heard it on the radio, it reminded me of my story and the characters.

Joanne Stewart said...

Lilly --Thanks! I'm currently in the editing process with this one. I'd hoped to have possibly have a release date by now, but, alas, I'm still waiting for the second round of edits.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Ya gotta love a writer who thinks she is like her favorite jelly bean flavor--tutti-fruiti. What? That's not what you said???? Well, darn, that's what I read...

Good luck with the book, Tutti.

Joanne Stewart said...

Vonnie--LOL! I was trying to think of a bean flavor that would tell you I'm a little bit nutty. My husband would definitely tell you I'm a little bit fruity. lol

Joanne Stewart said...

Thanks for having me, Sarah! It was fun!