March 23, 2012

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Alison Henderson:

Birthday?  October 6
Favorite color?  Yellow
Favorite animal?  Monkeys
Siblings?  Oldest of 4 – two younger sisters and a brother
Favorite drink?  Good Earth Original Tea
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be?  Key lime
Favorite author?  LaVyrle Spencer
Favorite dish?  Fish tacos Vera Cruz
Ice cream flavor?  Peppermint
Favorite Season?  Autumn – love the colors
Plotter or Pantser?  Plotter
Hobbies?  Gardening
Dream vacation?  Bermuda
Favorite TV show?  Castle
Musical preference? Classic rock
Pet peeve?  Glaring editing errors in published books
Favorite place to write?  My home office
Favorite song?  Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
Odd family fact?  My grandmother once went cross country skiing in high heels and a fur coat
Unforgettable moment?  My daughter’s birth
Favorite Superhero?  Superman – got to love the classics
Spicy or not?  Spicy (but not as hot as I used to)
Cat or dog?  Cat
Favorite candy bar?  Anything with dark chocolate
Favorite guilty pleasure?  Above-mentioned dark chocolate

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

When Jessamine Randall’s fiancé disappears hours before their wedding, she follows him deep into the Ozark Mountains, where her greatest challenge is Morgan himself.


To learn more about Alison Henderson and her books please visit her website:


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Cross-country skiing in high heels and a fur coat? Details. I need details...or are you saving that scene for a book?

Calisa Rhose said...

Ditto what Vonnie said! I can picture it now! lol
Great trivia.

(Hugs Sarah and family :()

B.J. HAYES said...

Amen! Editing errors in published books make me stop reading. And total ditto on the dark chocolate. Nice to meet you, Alison!

Susan Macatee said...

Ah...dark chocolate! Your book cover is gorgeous, Alison! Sounds like an intriguing story.

Mackenzie Crowne said...

Go grandma! Lol I too am looking forward to reading this scenein the future.

Alison Henderson said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by, and thank you Sarah for hosting me. I apologize for not being here yesterday to join you, but we had a major crisis at work that consumed my whole day!