March 22, 2013

Friday Quickie

25 quickie facts about Regan Walker: 

Birthday? December 1st
Favorite color? Red (you can tell this from my novels!)
Favorite animal? Ooo, that’s a hard one. I suppose for personal relationships, I’d pick a large dog (I have a Golden Retriever), but I love to watch Friesian stallions race across a green lawn and the Canadian geese on the wing and their “mate for life” characteristic is most romantic.
Siblings? Sadly, no.
Favorite drink? Green tea but must be served with dark chocolate. Oh, and did I mention Merlot wine?
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Ah, I love it! I’d be cinnamon. Or, maybe peppermint.
Favorite author? That’s a hard one. I have a review site (Regan’s Romance Reviews, and on Amazon I have over 500 reviews of mostly historical romances. It is probably Penelope Williamson, but there are at least a half dozen on my short list.
Favorite dish? We’re talking food, I presume. Something French served with wine and candles.
Ice cream flavor? Coffee. Of course, dousing it with hot fudge makes it.
Favorite Season? Spring, because it promises summer.
Plotter or pantser? A combination. I usually know the beginning and the end but the “mire of the middle” is all pantster. My goal is to become a plotter.
Hobbies? Reading and writing are my hobbies and my passion. I am a lawyer by profession.
Dream vacation? Right now it would be a month in Scotland followed by a few weeks in Ireland.
Favorite TV show? The only TV shows I watch are on PBS or the History Channel (I hate commercial TV). Right now it would be a toss up between Garrow’s Law and Downton Abbey on PBS and Vikings and The Bible on the History Channel.
Musical preference? Jazz; great hymns; and movie scores that inspire my writing (Alexandre Desplat is my favorite composer, but The Last of the Mohicans score is a favorite, too).
Pet peeve? In reading romance novels it would be “improbable moments” when the plot goes south because the author injects something that has me rolling my eyes. Hate those. If you want to see my top 10 list, here’s the link:
Favorite place to write? My writing took over my dining room table two years ago. It’s nice because in addition to lots of room, one wall of the room is a sliding glass window looking out at my wonderful view and my tangelo tree, now full of fruit. When I open the slider I can hear the birds.
Favorite song? As Time Goes By (I am a “rank sentimentalist”)
Odd family fact? My mother told me that the Scots in my family were Papists (the Walkers have long been associated with the MacGregors and Stuarts) and the Irish in the family were “Orange” (Protestants). I think that makes us rebels.
Unforgettable moment? I have many, but since we’re talking romance, I’d say seeing my first novel on Amazon and then getting my first 5 star review (thank you Reading Café!). To know that my novels speak to women’s hearts is very rewarding for me.
Favorite Superhero? Superman (he comes from another world, he has the patience of Job and is very protective; and he loves a human who is always getting into trouble—what’s not to like?)
Spicy or not? Definitely spicy.
Cat or dog? Dog. Big dogs, not the little yippy ones, though I’ve put cats in my novels realizing many (most?) of my readers like cats.
Favorite candy bar? Ritter Sport Bar Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. (They are German; I fell in love with them while traveling in Germany.) Fortunately I can get them here.
Favorite guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate (did I not mention that?) and driving fast on an open, deserted road. Like my heroine in Racing With The Wind, I think, walk and ride fast.

Summarize your book Twitter style – 140 characters or less:

English Spy returning from France encounters a lady in a bordello and sweeps her away to adventure and love in the Midlands of England in 1817.


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Melissa Cutler said...

Great interview, Regan. I'm a spicy lover, too! And red's my favorite color, as well. :)


Regan Walker said...

Thanks, Melissa!! This was such a fun interview to do. I loved it and think Sarah is so creative to come up with this...those hidden facts few of us know about each other but which say so much!

Thanks, Sarah!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your interview, Regan. The cover of your new Regency is great.

Gloria Gay

Regan Walker said...

Thanks, Gloria! I'm glad you like the cover...I designed it with Kim Killion and she is always great to work with.